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3 Reasons to Try the Latest Mind-Calming Trend

3 Reasons to Try the Latest Mind-Calming Trend

Think coloring books are just for the little ones? Well, not anymore! Get ready to fall in love with a blast from your past, as “adult coloring books” seem to be the latest in DIY stress-relief. And the good news is that many adults seem to be benefiting greatly. Here are 3 reasons why you should get hooked too.

1. Relieves Stress

Experts agree that coloring creates a calming effect and can put your mind at ease when you’re feeling stressed or anxious. It can distract you from your worries, as you really narrow in your focus on the sketching motions.

The mechanisms in the brain that contribute to this relaxed state of mind are still being studied, however, neuropsychologist Dr. Stan Rodski says that coloring elicits a relaxing mindset, similar to what you would achieve through meditation.

Another school of thought is offered by Dr. Joel Pearson, a brain scientist at the University of New South Wales in Australia. He contends that concentrating on coloring pleasant images forces the replacement of negative thoughts and negative images. “You have to look at the shape and size, you have to look at the edges, and you have to pick a color,” he explained in an interview with Nine MSN. “It should occupy the same parts of the brain that stops any anxiety-related mental imagery happening as well.”

Either way, it sounds like coloring is a win for anyone looking to calm their mind and reduce stress.

2. Stimulates Mindfulness

Similar to art therapy, drawing in coloring books builds a sense of self-awareness in a way that is akin to meditation. Art therapist, Lacy Mucklow told USA Today, “There is something about the mandala that is particularly soothing for people.”

The mandala, which is a circular frame filled with an intricate geometric design, is the most popular choice. And for a good reason! Experts find the fine-tuning and shading required to color these detailed patterns allows you to really focus in on the art. Distractions from the environment are seemingly eliminated, thereby allowing the drawer to establish a sense of security and mindfulness.

3. Creates a Sense of Accomplishment

Completing one of these detailed patterns induces a sense of achievement. Joseph Rock, Psy.D., of the Cleveland Clinic told ABC, “You’re accomplishing something, so when you’re done, you have something to show for it.” Especially after a long day at the office, stepping away from your computer and phone to relax and color can be a fulfilling and worthwhile experience.

So the next time you’re feeling stressed after a long day, head to your local art supplies store or bookstore and pick up an adult coloring book. Find a relaxing spot and color a mandala. You’re sure to feel at ease!

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