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The 4 Best Foods for Fighting Ovarian Cancer


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Ovarian is a silent killer, taking the lives of two out of every three women diagnosed. Why is it called silent? Typically, by the time it is caught, it has already spread because its symptoms mimic many other less dangerous illnesses.

In the fight against ovarian cancer, food can be a powerful weapon. You cannot alter the biggest risk factors, since they are things you do not have any control over such as family history, genetics and never having born children. However, according to Dr. William W. Li, President of The Angiogenesis Foundation, research has emerged showing women who eat the following four foods have a lower incidence of this illness.

1. Endive

vegetable-pictures-6-1 A vegetable that tastes like a mild cabbage, endive has been the subject of studies involving more than 62,000 women in the Netherlands. Scientists found those who consumed it had a 75 percent reduction in their risk of developing ovarian cancer.

This gem of a vegetable contains a naturally occurring compound called kaempferol, a substance also present in kale, and spinach. Kaempferol is anti-angiogenic, a property that prevents cancer cells from growing the blood vessels that feed them. In other words, the compound starves cancerous by cutting off their blood supply.

Research recommendation: Eat a half cup of endives twice per week.

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