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5 People Proving Age Really is Nothing But a Number


The honorable Mark Twain once said, “Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.” Aging may be an inevitable part of life, but that doesn’t mean your quality of life has to decrease as your number increases!

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Staying active, eating healthy, surrounding yourself with loved ones and having enjoyable hobbies are all keys to living a long, healthy life. And since we could all use a little inspiration, here are 5 extraordinary people who will encourage you to live your life and forget about your age.

1. Yazemeenah Rossi, Swimsuit Model, Age 61

*Image source.

Stunningly beautiful and full of life, Yazemeenah is a free-spirited swimsuit model and an exquisite example of hitting the pause button on aging. She is truly embracing a wholesome life. Yazemeenah was born in France and raised on the island of Corsica. At age 10, her changed color and grew into gorgeous, long silver locks. She’s even had disputes with agents so that she can keep her rare color and forever revel in her natural beauty. Yazemeenah offers her 3 secrets to living a long, healthy and fulfilling life: do what you love, eat healthy and take care of your skin. You can read Yazemeenah’s story here.

2. Candice Holdorf, Dancer, Age 97

*Image source.

Also known as “Dancing Jane,” Candice turns a shoulder to society’s perceptions of “age-appropriate behavior” by dancing her way through life. Remarkably, she proved a childhood classmate wrong who had teased her for her inability to do the splits, as she showed the world her miraculous ability to do so on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. And how did she do it? Candice credits her phenomenal talent to her ability to overcome fear. She says that fear is what holds us back and without fear, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams and doing what you want with life. Check out more about Candice here.

3. Ray Urban, Skydiver, Age 95


*Image source.

Ray is a fearless World War II veteran and retired businessman. During the war, Ray hoped to be a paratrooper. However, medical issues forbid him from doing so. But he never gave up his dream to take flight – Ray celebrated his 95th birthday the in the most exhilarating way he knew how: skydiving. Ray courageously made his first dive at age 78, then again at 80, 85 and 90. And he took his fifth plunge last September, earning him the well-deserved title of Oldest Tandem Jumper in Louisiana. Learn more about how Ray lives life to the fullest here.

4. Philippe Dumas, Model, Age 60


*Image source.

Now a handsome senior model, fashionable Philippe formerly worked in the film industry alongside acclaimed French directors. When the company he worked for filed for bankruptcy last year, Philippe grew out his trendy beard and defeated all odds – he signed with 6 modeling agencies at age 60. Philippe maintains his toned physique and youthful glow by hitting the gym 5 days each week, eating healthy (but he admits to indulging in moderation!) and not smoking. Read all about how Philippe stays in great shape here.

5. Lena Mae Beasley, Runner, Age 87

*Image source.

Lena didn’t let her and age get in the way of her goal to run in Olney, Texas’ Fun Run For earlier this month. She was determined to participate and honor the birthday of her late husband and her son who’s battling . Lena left her nursing home with her walker in tow and joined the race with a police escort and her doctor in a golf cart following closely behind her. Check out Lena’s intrepid journey here.

And in case you need a little extra motivation to live your years to the fullest, here are 32 awe-inspiring seniors who prove you can have a blast and live your dreams no matter your age!

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