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5 Ways Coconut Oil Improves Overall Brain Function


5 Reasons Coconut Oil May Improve Overall Brain Function Coconut oil has made a resurgence in the health arena over the last few years and for good reason! There are many wonderful health benefits of coconut oil. One that is not often talked about is its ability to improve brain health. Here are 5 reasons why adding coconut oil into your daily regime may improve your overall brain function.

1. Coconut oil stimulates production of brain-friendly ketones

One of the main reasons that coconut oil is so beneficial for the brain is that it is ketogenic, meaning that it stimulates the production of ketones, organic compounds that can act as an energy source for the brain. The brain’s main energy source is glucose, but when glucose is not present the brain utilizes ketones for energy. In fact, ketones can supply all of the energy needed to the brain in an individual with defects in their glucose metabolism. Ketones also stimulate blood flow to the brain which improves circulation and delivery of oxygen to brain cells improving overall brain function.

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2. Coconut oil activates proteins that repair the brain

The ketogenic properties of coconut oil are also beneficial because ketones trigger the activation of proteins known as brain-derived neurotrophic factors (BDNFs). These special proteins stimulate brain cell production and repair as well as help the brain reduce inflammation and remove toxins. BDNFs can also improve insulin sensitivity so that brain cells can take up more glucose for energy.

3. Coconut oil packs Medium Chain Triglycerides

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) are a type of dietary fat that are composed of only 6-10 carbon links. Their unique size makes them an important energy source for the brain as many of them can cross the blood brain barrier as well as the double mitochondrial membrane in cells very rapidly without the presence of L-carnitine, as do their longer carbon link counterparts (known as long chain triglycerides). Because they do not require carnitine they leave an excess of acetyl coA floating around and ultimately will result in the production of ketones (which we know are excellent for the brain!)

4. Coconut oil offers neuroprotective effects

Remember those MCTs? Well not only are they excellent energy sources, they also have been shown to have a neuroprotective effect on the brain. One MCT in particular called caprylic acid possesses anti-convulsant properties and has been shown to be useful in controlling epileptic seizures.

5. Improvement in Brain Function in Alzeimer’s Patients

In many Alzeimer’s patients there appears to be a reduced ability to utilize glucose in certain parts of the brain, thus coconut oil’s ketogenic properties are especially beneficial. By increasing ketones, the brain cells will have a higher energy supply and can function without the use of glucose. More energy for those cells means improved memory function. In one 2006 study, consumption of coconut oil led to an immediate improvement in brain function in patients with milder forms of Alzheimer’s disease. You can read about one incredible story here.

To obtain the benefits of coconut oil, be sure to consume it in the diet when possible, in addition to taking an organic coconut oil supplement. Most people take anywhere from 1,000 – 2,000 mg, depending on their diet. Below, you can find links to a couple good organic formulas.

Article 5 Reasons Coconut Oil May Improve Overall Brain Function
Inforgrpahic by Natural Healthy Concepts.

Dr. Passero completed four years of post-graduate medical education at the National College of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon after receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Biology from the University of Colorado. Dr. Passero has trained with some of the nation’s leading doctors in the field of natural medicine. In his practice, Dr. Passero focuses on restoring harmony to both the body and mind using advanced protocols that incorporate herbal therapy, homeopathy, vitamin therapy and nutritional programs. Through education and guidance patients are able to unlock the natural healing power contained within each one of us. For more information, visit his website, Green Healing Wellness, or follow him on Facebook.

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11 responses to “5 Ways Coconut Oil Improves Overall Brain Function”

  1. Loni Lichfield says:

    What’s the best way to get the most from coconut oil? When we use it in frying pans for sautes, does it denature the oil in any way? Are we still getting all these benefits from it that way?

    • Segen Tekle says:

      Hi Loni,
      Using coconut oil when sauteing and/or frying can actually be very beneficial, and it doesnt impart much flavor on the food at all. Coconut oil is also great for cooking at a high heat because of its high smoke point. Many other oils like olive oil can oxidize when heated but because coconut oil is made up of healthy saturated fats it remains stable under high temperatures.
      I hope this helps!

  2. Gary Junkins says:

    I put 1 heaping Tbls. of coconut oil in my 3-4 cups of coffee daily. Is that beneficial or detrimental ? Also, I’m waiting for a reply to Loni’s question !

    • Segen Tekle says:

      Hi Gary,
      Adding a spoonful of coconut oil to your coffee can give you an extra boost of energy and replace dairy creamer. Here’s a great tip-if you put your hot coffee in a blender, with the coconut oil and your favorite natural sweetener, you will be amazed at the rich creamy flavor, without adding any dairy!
      Hope this helps:)

  3. Martha Morrison says:

    How much should be taken daily? Does food coconut oil is added to taste like coconuts?

  4. Lionel Dejour says:

    The health news found in articles of”Live in the Now”are at the level of of those found in Mayo Clinic litteratures.That is pretty impressive.

  5. I wish I could forward this to everyone I know.
    I read this before and needed a reminder about how important my bowl of Quaker Oats and coconut oil with a
    little bit of vanilla and honey is. And very tasty.

    • Segen Tekle says:

      Hi Rosalie,
      We’re glad you enjoyed our article! You can always tell your family and friends to subscribe to our newsletter with the link below:

      Have a lovely day!


    I started using coconut oil in my smoothies

  7. Cindy says:

    What dosage or amount of coconut oil is suggested daily?

  8. Eve Marso says:

    I keep getting conflicting reports about the benefits of medium triglycerides for cholesterol, and the negative impact of coconut oil on cholesterol levels. I use it in preference to oxidizing olive oil for cooking as well as in my coffee, but was told by my doctor that India has the highest rates of heart attack due to high consumption of coconut oil, which I don’t believe is correct.