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6 Common “Kitchen Scraps” That Allow You to Regrow Vegetables


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Wouldn’t it be nice if once you bought something, you had a replacement delivered to your home as soon as you finished? That’s basically what happens with these vegetables and ! We’ve got the scoop on grocery items you can regrow from scraps to save some .

1. Scallions

Regrow Scallions the kitchn via LiveintheNow

Green can have a big flavor impact on a dish and all you need is about an inch of the white part and roots to regrow many more! Place the root and white part of the scallion, roots down in the and watch the green part regrow! To learn more about how to regrow your scallions, visit

As for the onions, keep the little furry looking end (the “ butt”) of your and place it in a pot full of soil outside this spring. Remember to water it and Voila! — the never-ending .

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3 responses to “6 Common “Kitchen Scraps” That Allow You to Regrow Vegetables”

  1. Edith Thompson says:

    Thought you might want to print this out for Quincy as new things to grow.

  2. Nancy Hynes says:

    This is so cool! As the daughter of a depression era mother, I saave, reuse, re-purpose, believe what I have is plenty fine. This is a whole new level of appreciation of that way of being. Thank you!

    • MSUEH says:

      “Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without”!

      My students ask, “Are you “green,” Miss?” I tell them I was “green” before green became a popular color :-D