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6 Ways to Add More Cinnamon to Your Diet


As research unfolds regarding the blood sugar balancing and weight management benefits of cinnamon, we’re out to find unique and delicious ways to add more cinnamon to our diets.

Cinnamon has been associated with numerous health benefits, but many of us tend to associate cinnamon with decadent desserts and high-calorie coffee drinks. So how can you add more cinnamon to your diet without spiking your sugar intake?

Simply add the spice to your favorite savory dishes, coffees and smoothies — you’ll actually be surprised to learn of all the flavors cinnamon can complement. Now and then I even add cinnamon straight to my coffee grounds. This adds the perfect touch of warming cinnamon to my morning coffee, and since it’s essentially a quick water extraction, the volatile oils in cinnamon are left behind.

If you choose to supplement for the health benefits of cinnamon, make sure you find a brand with a “water soluble” cinnamon, this is the key to a high-quality, effective cinnamon supplement.

Add Cinnamon to your coffee,

Add Cinnamon to your coffee grounds.

Cinnamon Almonds, (try substituting sugar with cocnut sugar)

Easy Cinnamon Chicken,

Homemade Cinnamon Frozen Yogurt,

Raw Apple Cinnamon Almond Bars,

Cinnamon-Garlic Meatballs with Tomato Sauce and Feta,

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