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7 Things to Help Your Pet Love the Bath


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If you’ve ever tried to bathe your pup, you know the struggle it can present. Most dogs hate the bath so much, French photographer Sophie Gamand was able to create an entire book around their cute, sulking, post-bath faces titled Wet Dog (one of her images featured to the right).

Not only do most dogs hate the tub, they’re terrified of running water and suds that sting. And as any pet owner knows, their resistance can make bath time heart wrenching for all parties involved.

If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to make bath time easier, safer and more enjoyable for your pet, we’ve got you covered! Here are 7 necessities for a seamless experience all around.

pet bathtime 1

1. Shampooing Brush

A grooming and shampooing brush is ideal for removing loose hair, while promoting healthy skin and a healthy coat as you brush. The silicone one shown above has become a favorite among pet parents and pets everywhere.

2. Microfiber Towel or Mitt

Great for drying off your pup, a microfiber towels and mitts are essential for the post-bath shakedown. They are highly absorbent, some absorbing seven times their weight in water, making it easy to dry your dog while giving him a little rubdown.

3. Treats

Is your pooch too scared to even jump into the tub? Thankfully, you can condition him into loving bath time. By feeding him dog treats while with bathing, your dog will begin to look forward to the experience.

4. Bathing Tethers

Using a bathing tether or grooming leash secures your dog in the tub and makes him feel more secure and grounded. It also helps to minimize the risk of slipping creating a mess. It also helps to free up your hands from stabilizing your pooch so that you can focus on giving him a thorough wash.

5. Soothing Oatmeal Shampoo (That Smells Amazing)

This all natural pet shampoo is one of our favorites. It’s smooth and easy to lather and best of all it’s all natural, so your pet won’t be exposed to some of the harsh and dangerous chemicals in many other pet shampoos.

6. Rubber Bath Mat

Creating a safe surface for your dog is necessary for him to feel comfortable. A rubber bath mat will prevent slipping during bath time. Plus, it’s easy to clean afterwards.

7. Detachable Shower Head

A shower hose is a must-have to create an effortless bath time. It makes it easy for you to quickly wash those hard-to-reach areas while your dog stays put.

And for a quick laugh break over some doggie bath blunders, check out this compilation of dogs that DID NOT want to take a bath.


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