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7 Best Detox Foods to Eat This Summer — No Juicing or Deprivation Required

Whether your New Year’s resolution was to lose weight, exercise more or just stress less one thing we can all do is make better food choices. Picking foods with detoxifying qualities will not only make your breakfast, lunch and dinner more delicious, but also make your body healthier this 2016.

So what makes a food detoxifying? Look for foods that are high in fiber like beans and legumes, fruits and vegetables and whole grains. Also take advantage of fruits and vegetables with high water content like melon, berries or cucumber. And on that note, drink more water in general! Beyond high fiber and water dense foods, some foods also have the ability to ‘capture’ toxins for your body to remove.

While we’ll show you what detoxifying foods to add into your diet, there are also a few foods you’ll want to steer clear of this year. Make sure to avoid trans fats, MSG, processed ‘diet’ foods and try to limit refined sugar, white flour and alcohol. And if you want to learn more about what to avoid for a more toxin free life, we’ve got six ways to get you started.

Top 7 Detox Foods for 2017

1. Citrus

Lemons, grapefruits and oranges are in season right now, so take advantage! Citrus is full of the antioxidant vitamin C which can help remove waste from the body.

2. Broccoli

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cauliflower and kale are packed with fiber which helps speed the removal of waste in your intestines. They also contain a compound that helps your liver produce enough toxin removing enzymes.

3. Seaweed

Seaweed is a super food! Adding this ocean veggie to your diet is shown to help remove radioactive waste from your system. It’s also full of important minerals that many Americans don’t get enough of in general.

4. Avocado

Like you need another reason to love avocados! Full of soluble and insoluble fiber, avocado helps remove waste and toxins, can help with your cholesterol numbers and block certain fats from being absorbed that can cause oxidative damage.

5. Apples

Like avocados, apples contain soluble fiber that removes waste. Because they contain pectin (like a thickener used in jams), it’s also a detox superfood when it comes to waste removal. Apples are also filled with important nutrients you always want to add into your body.

6. Ginger

Not only will ginger make your dinner zingy and full of flavor, but it also kicks on your metabolism and reduces inflammation in the body.

7. Garlic and Onions

Both are delicious in sauces but they’re also both members of the allium family. Garlic and onions contain flavonoids, stimulate liver detox functions, have antibacterial qualities and boost immune function.

Carlene Thomas RD,LD is a registered dietitian nutritionist who specializes in weight loss and wellness. She provides nutrition guidance to the public in a variety of ways including corporate wellness, private clients and contributes an expert nutrition voice to a variety of media.

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