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7 Cozy Things to Look Forward to This Fall


Labor Day weekend may have left you feeling wistful, as you long for more beach days, late sunsets and summertime barbecues. But with the warm months of summer coming to a close, it’s time to start looking forward to all the joys that autumn brings.

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Here are 7 reasons to cuddle up to fall:

1. Crisp Mornings for Long Walks

36616711 - sun shining through the trees on a path in a golden forest landscape setting during the autumn season.

With the change in seasons comes cooler mornings that call for brisk, long walks. Morning strolls will allow you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors as the leaves change to warm, vivid colors of fall. And did you know that taking daily walks can do more for your health than you may think? Getting a little exercise each day has been shown to ward off age-related brain shrinkage, elevate mood, increase creativity and more.

2. Football Season


It’s that time of year – fall kicks off football season! America’s favorite past time is back. It’s time to put on your team’s jersey and cheer them on with family and friends. And if you’re looking for some healthy party snacks to serve, we’ve got you covered! Here are some delicious, nutrient-filled chips and dip recipes.

3. Sweater Weather


Time to cozy up! One of the many joys of autumn is the comfort that comes along with tossing on your favorite wool sweater or cozy scarf. This fall, warm up with a blanket scarf – its thick fabric will keep your neck warm, and it doubles as a blanket while you’re unwinding from the day. It really doesn’t get much better than layering up and getting comfortable at home in front of a warm fire in the fireplace.

4. The Holidays


The arrival of fall means that the holidays are right around the corner. It’s time to start bringing out the decorations and fill the house with holiday cheer. With the holidays come celebration, family and traditions. Enjoy the moments spending time with loved ones and creating memories together.

5. Pumpkins, Apples, Squashes, Oh My!

15637310 - autumn view from the farm's apple harvest.

Pumpkin picking and apple picking are fall staples. Head to your local farm for a day filled with savoring these seasonal activities. And indulge in autumn’s delectable flavors by baking up some warm goodies to share. Plus did you know fall foods are packed with nourishing health benefits? Pumpkins, apples, squashes and more offer the nutrients we need to stay healthy and strong.

6. Fall Spices

cinnamon wooden spoon no padding

Ah the flavors of fall! From cinnamon to nutmeg to cloves, autumn tastes as good as it feels. Cinnamon, which can spice up almost anything, is loaded with blood sugar balancing and weight management benefits. Add it to your coffee grounds, yogurt or even chicken for a healthful and delectable boost.

7. Fall Spice Scented Candles

11433112 - christmas table decoration

As the temperature starts to cool off and the stars come out a little earlier, we can embrace the season by filling the room with the warming scents of autumn. Whether you’re cooking dinner or relaxing with a book in hand, light up a seasonal-scented candle to enjoy the calming atmosphere. Try an organic cinnamon candle to snuggle up to the warming aromas of fall.

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