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9 Benefits of Drinking Natural Coconut Water


coconut This magical little fruit is becoming more and more popular as a health trend and there are some great reasons why. The coconut plant belongs to the Arecaceae family of palm trees and each nut may contain anywhere between 200 to 1000 ml of water. This elixir of life is low in fat but packs quite a punch in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Check out the top 10 benefits from drinking coconut water to see why you too should be stocking up.

1. Boost your energy: Kick that coffee or cola habit when searching for a quick jolt while at the office.  While not a stimulant, the abundance of vitamins and electrolytes in a serving of coconut water helps boost your bodies’ energy levels naturally.  Quit relying on highly caffeinated drinks packed with sugar, and opt for a longer lasting, healthier way to power through your day.

2. Fight dehydration: After a long and exhausting day in the sun or a taxing workout, coconut water helps replenish your body with potassium and other essential minterals. Coconut water also helps regulate our internal fluids and replenish and rehydrate our bodies. After a tough workout or a bout with the stomach flu, coconut water can work wonders on rehydrating.

3. Turn back time: Sure, coconut water can’t help you time travel, but the cytokinins in coconut water, according to researchers, have shown health benefits such as anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic, and anti-thrombotic effects. Enjoy a glass of coconut water to help your body age more gracefully and beautifully.

4. Improve your metabolism: Coconut water is also rich in naturally present bioactive enzymes that assist in increasing your metabolism and aiding the body in digestion.

5. Recover from digestive trouble: The electrolyte potassium in coconut water will not treat diarrhea, but it will help the body recover from a bout of loose stools. The high concentration of potassium and sodium are effective electrolytes that will replenish your body and help you recover and feel better faster.

6. Support healthy potassium levels: While many people love the tried and true, good old banana, coconut water is another rich source of potassium, which is critical in maintaining nerve and muscle function. Of course, you never want to take fruits and veggies out of your diet, but it is a nice way to get a solid punch of potassium when you need it.

7. Ditch the soft drinks: Sure, good old water is a must-consume staple in everyone’s diet but, if you ever get a craving for something with a bit of flavor, or a richer in consistency, coconut water is another option that will quench your thirst and satisfy your hydration needs. By no means should you ever stop drinking water, but when in the mood for a bit of that delicious nutty flavor, you can indulge without the guilt of all the added sugar and ingredients in colas and sodas.

8. Feel fuller: While Coconut water won’t rid you of cellulite, it does help satiate hunger after drinking a nice big glass of it.  As a low fat option beverage, it is a great “in-between meals” snack that can keep you satisfied until your next meal.

9. Delight your taste buds: If you enjoy coconut water, and it’s smooth, refreshing nutty flavor, then dig in!  As most fruits and vegetables the coconut is also rich in vitamins and nutrients so the more you enjoy it the better.

A small side note is that to receive all the amazing goodness that coconut water has to offer, it needs to be consumed very shortly after being exposed to air. This makes for a convenient low calorie beverage in locations that can grow fresh coconuts year round.

Remember nothing is a substitute for healthy choices, healthy foods, and regular exercise.  Enjoy the great benefits of coconut water today.

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4 responses to “9 Benefits of Drinking Natural Coconut Water”

  1. Craig says:

    This article was dissapointing. You missed the very important fact that coconut contains a substantial amount of lauric acid which 1) has antimicrobial properties of its own, and 2) is a precursor in the human body to monolaurin–a powerful antimicrobial active lipid. Our human evolution (or a Higher Power if one is inclined to believe) has seen fit to have mother’s milk be comprised of at least 50% lauric acid.

    And, for those few of us that have jettisoned the rubbish of the lipid hypothesis, coconut fat is far healthier and in all ways superior to the poisonous, polyunsaturated, Franken-fats like corn oil and soybean oil.

    (Consume mostly natural, saturated fats and you will be lean and healthy not overweight, diabetic and stricken with coronary heart disease.


  2. Zee says:

    are the benefits of coconut water overweigh the damaging BPA in cans ?
    unfortunately most of coconut water comes in cans.
    IMHO, eating extra virgin coconut oil is much more beneficial.

  3. Alex Mironov says:

    As a walking traveler I’ve allowed my salt level to fall so low that my sweat tasted sweet and there was no evidence of salt when the sweat dried. I discovered my pains were less intense and more endurance, so where does Liz Applegate get her salt effects knowledge? Once the cramps disappeared traveling was smooth sailing on calm seas with high wind.
    Before people take traditional concepts without proof and explain them as facts, they should make themselves the subject of research. When I was in Mexico drinking it straight from the trees, how great I felt with little sleep for distance walked. Many times it was all I ate and drank and walked 40 to 50 miles a day. I only wish I was where I could drink it fresh from the tree and make a meal from it young meat.
    natural men’s beauty

  4. Johna35 says:

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