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The Truth About Blood Pressure That Changes Everything


It’s been called “the silent killer” and “a ticking time bomb” with good reason! Healthy blood pressure is critically important for your heart and entire cardiovascular system.

So, if you are plagued with high blood pressure, or the steps you are taking to control your blood pressure are producing all kinds of unwanted side effects, this might be the best news you will read all year.

Since Biblical times, the leaves of a specific fruit have been used as a folk remedy for heart health and other maladies throughout the Mediterranean region.

And Now, Modern Science Shows That It May Be the Most Powerful Blood Pressure Solution Ever Discovered

Centuries-old stories talk about this leaf’s ability to combat fevers and improve blood flow.[1] It’s even mentioned right in the Bible: The fruit thereof shall be for meat, and the leaf thereof for medicine. (Ezekiel 47:12)

The first published medical account of this powerful leaf extract shows up roughly 160 years ago — an 1854 article published in the Pharmaceutical Journal — details its ability to lower fevers and defeat malaria.[1]

But it wasn’t until decades later, in 1962, that an Italian researcher isolated the bitter chemical in these Biblical leaves showing that it can promote healthy blood pressure levels, as well as healthy circulation.[1]

Defuse The “Ticking Time Bomb” That’s Threatening Your Heart — Quickly, Safely and Naturally

One in three adults has high blood pressure — silently damaging the heart muscle and every blood vessel in the body.[2] Let me put it this way…

Imagine filling a balloon with liquid. Naturally, it expands with ease…but what if the walls of the balloon weren’t so flexible and elastic? As the pressure of the liquid continues to build, eventually the balloon will burst and liquid will spill all over the place.

Like the balloon, healthy blood vessels expand and contract to accommodate occasional fluctuations in blood flow throughout your body.

But when the walls of your blood vessels lose their elasticity…or when the force of blood pumping through your blood vessels is elevated over longer and longer periods of time…guess what? “Pop!”

But I’m about to show you how to take control…lower your risk…and promote healthy blood pressure levels with a…

Powerful, Natural Blood Pressure Solution Without a Single Negative Side Effect

Please keep reading, because I’m about to tell you how to get your blood pressure under control, by tapping into the 21st century version of a safe, natural and inexpensive solution that people have used since Biblical times to maintain healthy blood pressure levels and overall cardiovascular function.

Gold-standard, modern research shows it can…

  • Significantly improve blood pressure levels — for both heart protection and peace of mind[3]
  • Promote balanced LDL, total cholesterol and triglyceride levels — offering even more comprehensive heart health[3]
  • Revitalize aging arteries — promoting overall heart health and vitality[4,5]

And just imagine the look on your doctor’s face when you come in for your next check-up!

This Biblical Leaf Extract Holds the Secret to Controlling Blood Pressure…Starting in as Little as 7 Days

Your blood pressure reading comes with two numbers, the first is called systolic blood pressure — the pressure of your heart pushing blood through your blood vessels. The second number is the diastolic blood pressure, and that’s the pressure during the moment, between beats, when your heart is at rest.

In a double-blind, placebo-controlled study, the gold standard of medical research, this leaf extract lowered systolic and diastolic blood pressure by 11 and 5 points, respectively…after just 8 weeks.[6]

And in a similar study, when subjects received just 500 mg of leaf extract, their results not only outperformed those of the placebo group, but they saw these results after just seven days![2]

But it gets even better. In yet another study, 1,000 mg was tested against a more standard mainstream protocol…and not only was this leaf extract just as effective, it came with an exciting side benefit.[6]

You see, this extract helped control blood pressure plus the people in the leaf extract group also saw improvements in their cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

Safe, Natural, Comprehensive Heart Protection…Without a Single Negative Side Effect

This Biblical leaf extract comes from the legendary olive tree.

As you may know, the olive oil-rich diet of the Mediterranean region is credited with its incredibly low incidence of heart problems.

But, as you can see, it’s the olive leaf’s ability to control high blood pressure that is the unsung hero of the olive tree’s story.

The more scientists have studied this olive leaf extract, the more they’ve been impressed by its ability to promote healthy blood pressure balance. And, as I mentioned, it actually works in a few different ways to keep blood pressure under control.

Oleuropein, the extract’s most active component, has been shown to promote vasodilation, the process by which blood vessels relax and expand to accommodate the blood moving through them with ease.[7]

It may also help enhance production of nitric oxide (NO), a messenger molecule in the endothelial lining of the blood vessels that also helps with vasodilation.[8,9] Oleuropein also helps to inhibit the over-production of an enzyme called ACE, one of the prime culprits behind potentially dangerous blood pressure spikes.[10]

How to Find an Olive Leaf Extract That Works

The only way to get the amazing benefits of the olive leaf extract shown to be the most effective in the research is by taking a dietary supplement. Otherwise, you’d have to eat nothing but olive leaves for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Of course, not just any olive leaf supplement will do. If you just pick whatever you find on the shelf or buy a random product online, you could be missing out big time.

The thing you have to realize when shopping for an effective olive leaf extract is that oleuropein is a very delicate compound. If it’s not processed correctly, it quickly degrades and breaks down into a byproduct called hydroxytyrosol, which has virtually no blood pressure benefits at all.[11]

That’s why I chose Benolea® Olive Extract. It’s the only olive leave extract produced with EFLA®HyperPure, a unique, cutting-edge, decontamination process for herbal extracts that removes pesticide residues, contaminants and pollutants.

This is the only olive leaf extract I have found that stays fresh and potent — it’s also standardized to contain consistently high levels of oleuropein and antioxidant polyphenols.

That’s how you can get such fast and effective results…without eating barrels and barrels of olive leaves.

It’s the very same extract used in the clinical studies I told you about earlier in this letter.

The Only Olive Leaf Supplement I Recommend to My Readers

Unfortunately, the Benolea® Olive Extract isn’t easy to find. And when you can track down a supplement that is made with it at the right dose, the price range is typically out of reach for most people.

So I took it into my own hands to make it easy for my readers to enjoy the remarkable benefits of an effective, and affordable, olive leaf supplement.

You see, in addition to my work with the Live in the Now newsletter, I also run a company called Stop Aging Now, which has been making premium-grade dietary supplements for over 20 years. Working with the company’s Scientific Advisory Board, I created…

OliPure BP, a Truly Effective — Yet Extremely Affordable — Olive Leaf Supplement to Conquer Your Blood Pressure Concerns

OliPure BP™ works fast, is guaranteed to be effective and costs as little as $14.95 per bottle – with free shipping. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal. Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

This powerful formula provides an extra-strength 1,000 mg dose of the exact same olive leaf extract used in the studies I mentioned above, as well as two additional, well-studied ingredients for blood pressure support: celery seed extract and magnesium — all in just 2, small, easy-to-swallow veggie capsules per day!

Why This Solution Will Improve Your Numbers Faster Than You Thought Possible

I encourage you to do your own research to make sure I’m not just shamelessly promoting my own product. But here’s why I am confident that OliPure BP is simply the best natural blood pressure support formula out there.

  • Made with the Best Olive Leaf Extract Available Anywhere: OliPure BP is made with highly purified, standardized Benolea® brand olive leaf extract, the very same extract used in the clinical studies.
  • A Research-Based Dose: OliPure BP is an extremely potent formula that provides the full 1,000 mg dose of Benolea® olive leaf extract shown in the research to have the greatest impact on blood pressure, as well as cholesterol and triglycerides.
  • 150 mg of Celery Seed Extract: OliPure BP is enhanced with a standardized celery seed extract that contains a unique compound which has been shown to reduce both systolic and diastolic blood pressure, and reduce excess water in the body that can contribute to elevated blood pressure.[12-13]
  • 200 mg of Magnesium: OliPure BP also includes magnesium, which is critical for healthy blood pressure, yet it is often lacking in the diet. Magnesium helps lower blood volume, supports the relaxation of blood vessels and keeps the lining of your arteries smooth and elastic.[14-16]
  • Quality You Can Trust: OliPure BP is guaranteed to be safe and effective. It’s made in Stop Aging Now’s own FDA-inspected facility located in Florida to meet or exceed the stringent USP standards for quality, purity, potency and disintegration. Plus, the olive leaf extract we use undergoes special treatment to remove any possible pesticide residues, contaminants and pollutants.
  • It’s Affordable and Risk Free: This amazing formula is available for as low as $14.95 per bottle for a one-month supply, which is less than many discount, low-quality brands. Plus, it ships to you for free and comes with an “any reason” 365-day guarantee. That’s right – take it for up to one year, and get a full refund if you don’t like it.

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get OliPure BP for as low as $14.95 a bottle – with free shipping. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal.

Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

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Josh Corn Joshua Corn – Editor-in-Chief
Josh is a health freedom advocate and veteran of the natural health industry. He has been actively involved in the natural health movement for over 15 years, and has been dedicated to the promotion of health, vitality, longevity and natural living throughout his career. Josh has successfully overcome several personal health challenges through natural means, and believes that sharing information can empower people to take control of their health so they can solve their own problems and live life to its fullest potential. Josh is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now. Additionally he serves as CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been formulating premium dietary supplements since 1995. Josh is currently working on his first book about natural health, and is gearing up to launch the Live in the Now radio show. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, animal lover and enjoys “living in the now” with his wife and two sons.

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