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Need a Brain Break? Play a Quick Round of ‘The First 3 Words’


These little are excellent ways to break up the day and give your a second to rest. Take a few seconds, let your mind relax and see which words you spot in this reverse word find. I’d tell you the words I spotted, but I certainly wouldn’t want to influence the words you find. Instead, I’ll just join you all in commenting below to share the results.

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9 responses to “Need a Brain Break? Play a Quick Round of ‘The First 3 Words’”

  1. Felix says:

    if the first three words are ‘The boys down,then what are the last three words?

  2. Phil says:


  3. Bob says:

    What I want in life: Love, Health, Money
    Describe Me: Happy, Patient, Peaceful. Elegant,

  4. Mary O says:

    What I want in life: Love, Intelligence & Experience
    Words that describe me: Sweet, Restless, Eloquent, Dramatic

  5. Karen says:

    What I want: youth money honesty
    Describes me: peace, love, drama, hinest

  6. Julie Yunker says:

    What I Want: love, honesty, happiness
    What I am: passionate, thoughtful, insecure, talented

  7. Ellie says:

    my words were,Fun,Happiness,Freedom,and Money

  8. Judith E says:

    What I want out of life: youth, honesty, intelligence
    Describe me: Happy, Patient, Genuine, Reserved

  9. Laurie K says:

    that was great