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Can a Cleanse Help You Lose Weight?


One of our readers asked:

What is your opinion of BromaCleanse, which is advertised as a colon cleanser & fat burner said to dramatically help you lose weight. Have you heard of this product & if so do you think it works?

We have heard of that formula, however, its hard to say if it “works.” Many colon cleanse products may have the ability to clean the walls of the intestinal track but further promises, such as weight loss and detoxification, are questionable. Often times if any weight loss occurs it is in response to decreased caloric intake — not the formula itself. And proper detoxification requires more effort than popping a daily pill.

BromaCleanse touts itself as a gentle cleanse and detoxification that can revitalize your colon and your body while flattening your tummy and helping you to shed pounds. The ingredients don’t directly contradict this concept, but they certainly don’t support it either.

In fact, the ingredients contained in many of these “detox” formulas, including BromaCleanse, have not been scientifically proven to influence weight loss at all. Acai berry weight loss claims tend to be the biggest on the market right now. While acai berry has been proven to have tons powerful antioxidant properties, there is no scientific evidence to support its fat burning claims. And, unfortunately, many companies are trying to profit on the trend.

Furthermore, BromaCleanse contains two probiotic strains, however they do not list which ones — which is troubling since certain probiotic bacteria are significantly more effective than others. Aside from that, the formula is essentially fruit extracts which lack the fiber needed to cleanse the colon wall. Also, being in a capsule form, many of the enzymes necessary to effectively cleanse and detoxify cells are destroyed. Lastly, there are no dietary changes recommended for the cleansing process associated with the BromaCleanse which just strikes me as a little odd.  Generally, to cleanse and detoxify your body, dietary habits need to be altered for a period of time.

You should also be careful when ordering from a company you don’t know very well as they often times have fine print agreements that can be frustrating to the consumer. Bromaclense, for example, locks you into a subscription agreement upon placing a request for a “free” trial. So after 12 days, if you haven’t called to cancel your subscription, you get billed $79.95! You can read more about that on their site. But always read the fine print and be aware of what you’re signing up for.  It’s often times better to order from a company you know and trust.

The good news is, there are other cleanses you can do that are less complicated, more natural, just as effective and less costly. Many people have great success with simple do-it-yourself plans. One of my favorites is the raw fruit and vegetable cleanse accompanied by some psyllium husk. For 5-7 days you simply eat raw fruits for breakfast and fruits and vegetables throughout the day. When this is done in conjunction with psyllium husk capsules and plenty of water, the walls of the intestinal track are swept clean and the body is given an opportunity to cleanse itself.

Best of all, this is done without robbing the body of any valuable nutrients. In fact, you’ll probably increase your vitamin and mineral intake! You can also add freshly juiced fruits and vegetables along with plenty of water to ensure that your fluid needs are met (which are higher when taking psyllium husk capsules). Some people opt to consume an all-juice diet on days 3 and 4, and then return to the raw fruits and veggies for days 5, 6 and 7. Then, just make sure you ease back into your normal diet slowly as not to shock your system.

If this type of a cleanse is something you’re interested in, get more details before giving it a go. You’ll need a daily plan and more detailed instructions depending on which specific cleanse you try. There are tons of books on the market that give helpful advice and be sure to speak with your physician before doing any cleanse to ensure that you are a good candidate for completing a cleanse.

Do you have a question for one of our Nutrition Experts?  Visit the Nutrition Experts area of our site and get helpful advice!

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