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Curcumin Can Help Shield Your Liver From Everyday Toxins


Toxic overload is an ever-increasing epidemic in today’s world. Everything from pollution and car fumes to medications and chemicals in our personal care products can put undue strain on the liver and do some serious wreckage to your overall health.

When this happens, your overworked liver is unable to swiftly and thoroughly eliminate all of the harmful toxins that threaten cellular health every minute of every day. And as your body’s primary detoxification and cleansing organ, your liver needs all of the help it can get to effectively remove toxins and function properly.

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The Sinister Secret of CoQ10 and Statin Drugs

You’ve probably heard about the many amazing ways taking a CoQ10 supplement can benefit your health, from increased energy and mental clarity to significantly improved heart health.

But there’s a shocking secret about the way some popular CoQ10 supplements are manufactured that these companies don’t want you to find out about. And if you fall victim to this ploy, you’ll miss out on CoQ10’s incredible ability to invigorate your health with its unparalleled antioxidant benefits.

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And, believe it or not, that’s where curcumin comes in to help. Known for its remarkable healing properties, curcumin is an antioxidant-rich compound derived from the center of the turmeric root. This ancient spice has even been clinically shown to help improve your liver function for better health. Here’s how…

Curcumin Helps Protect Your Liver From Everyday Damage and Fight Off Cirrhosis

Liver disorders are one of the top causes of mortality in today’s world. But thankfully, there exists a vast array of clinical studies continuing to mount that have revealed curcumin’s liver-protecting properties and its incredible ability to help guard your liver from the severe health-damaging effects caused by everyday exposure to toxins, pollutants and even risky medications. Thus, researchers have concluded that the traditional spice can help offset hepatotoxicity (chemical or drug-induced liver damage), and it may even help reverse fatty liver disease.

One study found that curcumin was helpful at treating and preventing fibrosis, which is the scar tissue formation associated with the disease. Additional studies have even uncovered the therapeutic spice’s ability to help ward off liver injury caused by ethanol, thioacetamide, iron overdose, cholestasis and acute, subchronic and chronic carbon tetrachloride intoxication.

So how is curcumin able to help fight off such a wide range of liver disorders? Well, the spice poses the unique ability to help inhibit several of your body’s pro-inflammatory agents, such as nuclear factor-kappaB. Plus, curcumin’s many antioxidant properties offer effective grounds to be used for helping to alleviate various liver injuries.

And perhaps most notably, the results of a recent clinical study revealed that, thanks to its many anti-inflammatory properties, curcumin (even in relatively small doses) can help to significantly slow down the development of liver cirrhosis by reducing oxidative stress levels.

Add a Dash of Curcumin to Your Meal to Help Boost Liver Function

Curcumin’s extraordinary antioxidant powers work to help promote top-notch liver health by helping to alleviate oxidative stress and greatly suppressing inflammatory markers. In fact, the results of a leading clinical study have found that as a result of these properties, supplementing your diet with this ancient spice can aid in effectively protecting your liver from injury and improve its overall function.

The results of this study also note that curcumin fights off oxidative stress by increasing your liver’s natural levels of your body’s master detox compound called glutathione, which offers considerable potential for helping to treat liver fibrosis.

Deemed a miracle spice by many, curcumin has been linked to everything from helping to protect the brain and reduce muscle soreness, to boosting immunity and balancing blood sugar. And now, more and more research is pointing to curcumin’s remarkable ability to help protect the liver and aid it in eliminating toxins.

To learn even more about all of the clinically backed health perks of curcumin, see our article,
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