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The Dog House You Have to See to Believe


Harry Potter may not have been comfortable living under the staircase at his aunt and uncle’s home, but Poncho the chihuahua seems to be doing just fine. Betty McCall of Pitts, Georgia, didn’t want to settle for any old bleak crate for her pup. Instead she has created him the ultimate abode. The bedroom, which is fully furnished for a king of sorts, even boasts decorative touches including an impeccable oil painting of his doggy friends playing poker and a Baby Grand Piano charmingly nestled in the corner.

McCall dished to ABC News, “My carpenters put in the walls with the acrylic flooring, and it has a big door that opens, and it has a little dog door with a screen in it. Even the electrician got in on it and put in a little outlet in case he needs a little electric blanket.”

Check out Poncho’s swanky residence in the images below:






Images courtesy of Will Rigdon

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