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Trouble Breathing? These 6 Supplements May Be Able to Help

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Like arthritis, asthma is described as a chronic inflammatory condition. Chronic inflammatory conditions are characterized as a reaction caused by irritants, stress, pathogens or free radical overload. These invaders shift immune reactions into overdrive, resulting in aggravated and inflamed tissues.

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This Common Nutritional Deficiency May Be Making You Feel Old

What if I told you that many “age-related” health problems, such as backache or joint pain, weak bones and memory problems, are merely signs of a common vitamin deficiency?

And that this deficiency can be corrected quickly, easily and inexpensively — making many of your health problems disappear and vastly improving your well-being.

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While joint tends to be most common, resulting in arthritis, asthma is the result of chronic of the airway, rather than the joints. This airway often results reduced activity due to poor asthma control and, often times, a dependence upon medication. However, this doesn’t need to be the case. There are available that can help reduce asthma flares, and, as a result, dependence on medication.

Are you ready to regain your active lifestyle and lessen your constant inhaler reliance? When taken daily, these six may help you do just that!

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The mineral magnesium is commonly used to promote muscle relaxation. In the case of asthma, magnesium may help relax the bronchial tubes and muscles in the esophagus, thus reducing medication reliance. According to clinical studies, a daily magnesium dosage of 340 mg is an appropriate dosage for reducing asthmatic symptoms.




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