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Better Than CoQ10 for Your Heart and Brain


heart brain It’s been a decade since CBS News optimistically declared, “70 is the new 50.”

But the sad truth is that by the time they turn 70, more than 50% of adults are already suffering from some form of significant cognitive impairment, making them feel older than their years.[1]

In addition, an estimated 41 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular problem by the time they reach 60.[2] And heart-related health issues remain the #1 killer of men and women alike.[3]

Without an alert mind and a strong cardiovascular system, you’re simply not going to be able to fully enjoy the promise of a physically active and fully engaged life. Instead, you’ll experience many of the same “old age” issues your parents and grandparents did, and that could mean some difficult years ahead.

But it doesn’t have to be that way for you if you take advantage of…

The Three Most Powerful Brain and Heart Breakthroughs Known to Science

Please keep reading, because exciting new research by Harvard, UCLA and other top prestigious medical centers is indicating that you can reach 70 and feel decades younger in spirit, mental sharpness and physical health.

A few of us will achieve this thanks to a lucky draw in genetics. But most of us will need a little help.

As Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now, my readers often ask me what I would recommend as the single best nutrient for brain and heart health. That’s a tough call, because the latest research indicates that there are actually three nutrients needed to support optimal brain health.

The Three Core Nutrients for Your Heart and Brain

The first two are well-established “super-nutrients” backed by hundreds of clinical studies. The third is an amazing new anti-aging advance that’s quietly making waves among nutrition experts … and it’s about to take the world by storm.

Let me start with what I consider the #1 natural brain health nutrient supplement in the world. It’s arguably nature’s single most effective solution to support cognitive health and clear out brain fog.

Turmeric: The 5,000-Year-Old Spice Many Experts Consider a Brain Health Miracle

Turmeric has long been a staple in the Indian diet and is one of India’s most revered natural medicines. Turmeric’s power lies with an antioxidant compound called curcumin and its ability to neutralize free radicals that attack your cells, tissues and organs, and accelerate the aging process from the inside out.

Studies show that curcumin is one of the few antioxidants that can cross the blood-brain barrier and take on free radicals in the brain that can devastate your cognitive abilities and state of mind.[4] Its effects can be dramatic:

  • One landmark UCLA study found that curcumin’s free radical fighting power may help dissolve debris in the brain that can contribute to cognitive decline.[5]
  • Another study found that curcumin promotes the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), a growth hormone responsible for youthful brain function.[6] According to scientists, higher BDNF levels may hold the key to improved memory, sharper thinking, and even the reversal of brain diseases and cognitive loss.
  • Curcumin can even support a positive mood balance. One 2013 study showed that it’s as effective as a popular mainstream medicine solution for mood support without the potentially dangerous side effects.[7]

The more I learn about curcumin, the more impressed I am.

A new university study from Australia is typical: It found that daily intake of curcumin produced short-term memory improvement in adults over 60 who were predisposed to memory loss. It worked like a six-hour memory boost![8]

I could go on for pages, because scores of studies have documented curcumin’s ability to improve brain health and function.[9] But there’s another reason I so highly recommend it to my readers:

Curcumin Is a Blessing for Your Heart and Joints, Too

Free radicals take a huge toll on your cardiovascular system, too, and curcumin makes a difference here as well. Research shows that curcumin helps prevent cholesterol oxidation, which is the real threat behind arterial plaque buildup and blood vessel damage. It may also work to prevent clot formation, lower harmful LDL and increase healthy HDL cholesterol.[10]

Indeed, recent studies in Japan concluded that curcumin worked as well as aerobic exercise to improve multiple measures of cardiovascular health.[11]

It can help promote a healthy inflammatory response to ease joint discomfort, too. In one 2014 study, it was shown to effectively relieve joint pain without side effects.[12]

Do Curcumin Supplements Have a Flaw? Only If You Choose the Wrong Ones!

If there’s an issue, it’s simply this: Curcumin can be difficult to absorb so you have to take enough of it and in the right form. What’s more, many companies have flooded the market with poor quality and low dosage turmeric supplements that simply won’t give you the benefits I’ve described.

To get the most brain and heart benefits from turmeric, be sure to look for:

  1. A turmeric extract standardized to 95% curcuminoids. Some formulas are standardized only to 50%, which is a watered-down level that cheats you of the key curcuminoids shown to have the most effects.
  1. A serving size of at least 1,000 mg daily. Some brands think a mere 50 mg is enough, but you’re throwing your money away for such pixie-dust levels. That’s only 5% of the levels you need for optimal brain, cardiovascular, and joint benefits you want.
  1. An added absorption booster. This is a deal breaker that eliminates most curcumin supplements right off the bat. Quality supplements will include an absorption-boosting agent like piperine, which has been shown to help increase absorption by up to 2,000%! And without optimal absorption, you’re not getting the health benefits you are seeking.

Follow these guidelines and curcumin will help support your brain, heart, joints, and entire body for a lifetime of health and vitality. Just remember: quality matters. You have to shop carefully.

The same can be said about the second core nutrient I recommend: CoQ10.

No Other Nutrient Does More Than CoQ10 to Fuel Your Heart

This powerful antioxidant is found inside the mitochondria of every cell in your body. It’s a vital component in your body’s energy-producing process, and it’s particularly important for organs like your heart, where energy demands are highest.

Most people are not aware of the enormous role CoQ10 plays in health as we reach middle age and beyond. And even if you know all about CoQ10…

A New Harvard Study Is a Real Eye-Opener

Harvard scientists simply compared CoQ10 levels in critically ill patients with levels in healthy patients. The difference was as stark as night and day. The critically ill group—suffering various conditions—had dramatically lower CoQ10 blood levels.

There’s no overlooking the correlation, and researchers concluded that advancing age itself may be a significant risk factor behind it.[13]

This study follows other reports that link low CoQ10 with a whole host of serious age-related conditions.

The Harvard team concluded that age matters with CoQ10, and I’ll go one step further:

If You Are Over 50 and Not Concerned About CoQ10 Levels — You Absolutely Should Be!

Here’s what we know for sure: for the first portion of your life, your body does a good job synthesizing its own CoQ10. But unfortunately those good times don’t last, no matter how healthy your diet or lifestyle.

In middle age, levels typically begin to drop. By the time you’re 50, your levels may already be too low to support optimal heart function.[14] By 70, depleted CoQ10 levels may actually accelerate your aging process instead of fighting it off.[15]

If that’s the case, you can say goodbye to the whole idea of “70 being the new 50” for you!

And in case you’re wondering, here’s something else you should know:

It’s Virtually Impossible to Eat Your Way to Enough CoQ10

A typical diet today provides only about 10 mg of CoQ10 daily. That’s not nearly enough to offset your body’s dwindling production. Even under the best of circumstances, your diet would provide only 20%-25% of total blood CoQ10 levels.[16]

Making matter worse, you’re at high risk for CoQ10 deficiency if you take a statin drug for cholesterol. Statins can deplete your body’s supply in half in just 30 days, according to Columbia University research.[17] This CoQ10 drain may be why fatigue and weakness are among the most frequently cited side effects of statin drugs.

But there’s good news to report…

CoQ10 Supplementation Works — and Research Proves It

Studies show that supplementing will indeed raise your blood levels of CoQ10[18] and that’s great news for everyone over 50. And the sooner you do it, the better. There is overwhelming evidence that adequate CoQ10 levels will help:

  • Support your heart, blood vessels, and entire cardiovascular system[19]
  • Maintain healthy brain function[20]
  • Improve your energy and reduce physical and mental fatigue[21]
  • Combat free radicals that accumulate throughout your body[22]
  • Support gum and oral health[23]
  • Keep your eyes performing at their best at any age[24]

How to Get the Most Benefits From a CoQ10 Supplement

Like curcumin, you have to shop carefully to separate the good CoQ10 supplements from the bad. Cheap, synthetic CoQ10 won’t deliver the benefits you want, so keep this in mind:

  1. Look for the phrase “trans-form” on the label. Trans-form CoQ10 is identical to the CoQ10 produced in your own body. That means your body will absorb it and use it more completely. If it’s not trans-form, pass on it.
  1. Take 200 mg daily for optimal benefits. CoQ10 is remarkably safe and well tolerated, so by all means don’t cut corners. Too many formulas include just 50 mg and, while better than nothing, it’s not enough to provide the health benefits you are looking for.
  1. Make sure it includes an absorption booster. Like curcumin, CoQ10 is not the easiest nutrient to absorb. Research shows that piperine increases CoQ10 absorption by up to 30%, and that helps make sure you get the benefits you paid for.

There’s no question that CoQ10 and curcumin are essentially important antioxidants. But there is another critical antioxidant, and chances are you have never even heard of it.

SOD – Your First Line of Defense

Superoxide dismutase (SOD) is found both inside and outside cell membranes. It’s arguably the most important antioxidant of all because it is your first line of defense to neutralize the most dangerous free radicals of all: the superoxide radicals.

And superoxide radicals are as harmful as anything lurking inside your body. They’ve been tied to serious heart and painful inflammatory conditions, as well as other age-related health issues.[25]

Your body produces superoxide dismutase to defuse them. It’s one of your most powerful internal defenses. Unfortunately, SOD production drops with age too, and that leaves your body increasingly defenseless against these harmful molecules and their degenerative effects.

How bad is it? One study suggests that low SOD levels may play an even larger role in serious artery problems than elevated cholesterol or triglycerides![26]

The SOD-Enhancing Breakthrough We’ve Been Waiting For

Scientists spent years researching ways to boost SOD levels inside the body. It was a struggle, because superoxide dismutase is deactivated in the acidic environment of the stomach. Simply putting it in a capsule won’t work.

Finally, French scientists figured out a way. They developed a microencapsulated SOD that will reach your intestines intact, where it can work to boost SOD levels throughout your body.

This patented breakthrough is called Extramel®, so named because it’s derived from a rare melon grown in southern France that is rich with superoxide dismutase.

In fact, each micro granule of Extramel® is a veritable antioxidant powerhouse. Not only does it deliver SOD, it also contains other critical antioxidants found in this unique melon including glutathione, catalase, carotenoids and selenium.

And if there are any doubts about its rejuvenating effects, a look at the clinical studies should put them to rest. Just 10 mg of Extramel® taken daily for four weeks produced results including improved cognitive performance, better sleep, stress relief and greater physical energy.[27]

Of the different SOD supplements I’ve researched, Extramel® is the only one that passes my own strict standards for quality and proven effectiveness.

And when you add the SOD-boosting power of Extramel® to curcumin and CoQ10, you’ll see why I consider these the “Big Three” essential nutrients for your heart, brain and your entire body.

The All-in-One Heart and Brain Supplement I Personally Recommend

You can buy each of these anti-aging agents separately if you choose. I would just remind you to follow the guidelines I mentioned. You don’t want to cheat yourself out of the full health benefits. Purchased separately, this could easily cost you $80 or more for a one-month supply.

As you may know, in addition to my work with Live in the Now, I’m also CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been making premium-quality supplements for over 20 years. Working with my Scientific Advisory Board, I set out to combine these three core nutrients into a potent supplement that is both convenient and affordable. The result is CUR-Q10™ ULTRA.

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get CUR-Q10 ULTRA for as low as $27.95 a bottle — plus FREE SHIPPING. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal. Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

CUR-Q10 ULTRA provides…

Superior Every Day Support for Your Heart and Brain

In every daily serving of CUR-Q10 ULTRA, you get:

  • 1,330 mg of turmeric standardized to 95% curcuminoids. This is how you get the amazing health benefits that turmeric can provide. This premium-quality turmeric delivers more than 25 times the payload of some highly advertised brands that provide only 50 mg. You get more in two servings of CUR-Q10 ULTRA than you’d get from their entire 30-count bottle.
  • 200 mg of highly bioavailable trans-form CoQ10. This extra-strength dose is bio-identical to the CoQ10 that is produced naturally within your own body, so it is more readily absorbed than the cheaper synthetic forms of CoQ10 you find in most formulas.
  • 10 mg of Extramel®. This is the only superoxide dismutase-boosting supplement I recommend, thanks to its patented microencapsulation delivery system and its documented benefits at this daily serving level. Boosting SOD levels is one of the best ways to fight off superoxide radicals linked with heart issues and body-wide inflammation.
  • 20 mg of BioPerine® piperine. BioPerine® is the only piperine that has been proven to enhance curcumin absorption by up to 2,000% and CoQ10 absorption by more than 30%. This is essential to make sure you get the full benefits from every capsule.
  • An amazingly affordable price as low as $27.95 per bottle (which lasts a full month) and the convenience of only two veggie capsules per day.

If you have read this far, you are obviously interested in protecting your brain, heart, joint and overall health as you age. And CUR-Q10 ULTRA gave me the help I needed to alleviate my everyday joint aches and pain, while boosting my mental focus and concentration. And now, it’s time to take control of your health, too.

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get CUR-Q10 ULTRA for as low as $27.95 a bottle — plus FREE SHIPPING. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal.

Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

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Josh Corn Joshua Corn – Editor-in-Chief
Josh is a health freedom advocate and veteran of the natural health industry. He has been actively involved in the natural health movement for over 15 years, and has been dedicated to the promotion of health, vitality, longevity and natural living throughout his career. Josh has successfully overcome several personal health challenges through natural means, and believes that sharing information can empower people to take control of their health so they can solve their own problems and live life to its fullest potential. Josh is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now. Additionally he serves as CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been formulating premium dietary supplements since 1995. Josh is currently working on his first book about natural health, and is gearing up to launch the Live in the Now radio show. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, animal lover and enjoys “living in the now” with his wife and two sons.


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