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Earthing: A Simple Way to Protect Yourself from EMFs


Earthing The next time you have a headache, try this: Walk outside, find a patch of clear ground — grass, dirt, sand, gravel or concrete. Remove your shoes and sit, stand or walk, allowing your bare feet to make direct contact with the ground. I can all but guarantee that within about 10 minutes, you will begin to feel better.

Sunlight, fresh air and simply spending time outdoors all have documented beneficial effects on health and well-being. But science is beginning to show that there may be another, equally important way that “getting back to nature” can enhance your health. Research has implicated the lack of exposure to sunlight that is part of our modern lifestyle in widespread vitamin D deficiency and its associated health problems. Similarly, it seems that our tendency to avoid direct physical contact with the ground beneath our feet may be problematic. Luckily though, the solution is simple — and free!

Earthing: How It Works

It’s called “earthing” or “grounding” and here’s how it works: By removing the barriers that usually exist between your body and the ground (i.e. shoes, floors, etc.), you are connecting your body to the Earth’s electrical energy field. Your body is immediately able to discharge built up electrical “static” in the form of free radicals that can cause inflammation and interfere with healthy cellular function.

Think about it: Most of us spend the better part of our day indoors, surrounded by wi-fi, cell phones and other electrical devices, which, studies have shown, emit electromagnetic fields (EMFs) that have measurable effects on the human body. When we do venture outside, we generally wear rubber-soled shoes, which insulate us from the ground’s unlimited supply of healing negatively charged ions. Electrical charges accumulate within our bodies, as a kind of “static,” wreaking havoc throughout.

It’s simple, yet profound. We are electrical beings. Our bodies’ systems evolved in tandem with the Earth’s electrical energy. Removing the barriers that insulate your body from the Earth’s natural electricity instantly rebalances your body’s electrical systems. At the same time, earthing allows for the discharge of the positively charged ions that build up in the body as a result of exposure to EMFs and environmental toxins — before they have a chance to damage cells. In this way, earthing is an incredibly powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Research documenting the benefits of earthing is just beginning to emerge, but numerous case studies have already shown that earthing regularly can result in pain reduction, faster wound healing, improved heart function, better blood sugar balance, better thyroid function, lower stress hormone levels, better sleep, better cognitive function and more.

What the Experts Say About Earthing

According to natural health expert, David Wolfe, who is one of the foremost authorities on the subject of earthing, lack of direct connection to the Earth’s surface may be the primary cause of chronic inflammatory conditions.

Renowned cardiologist, Dr. Steven Sinatra, is a strong proponent of earthing for heart health. In his clinical experience, he has seen improvements in numerous patients’ heart rate and function. In this video, he explains how earthing supports health and healing:

Recently, I was privileged to hear energy medicine expert Dr. James Oschman speak about earthing at the Longevity Now Conference. Here’s an interview he did with Dr. Joseph Mercola, in which he discusses the health benefits of earthing:

Earthing Is Easy!

Earthing is simple and it’s free. However, it’s not always practical or even possible (in colder climates) to walk around barefoot all day. Conveniently enough, there are some very interesting products available from that use simple electrical grounding technology to simulate the effects of earthing. These products, which include things like flip flops, bed sheets and pads that you can place underneath your feet when you work at a desk, work in a similar fashion to the grounding equipment that electricians use to ground electrical devices. They are made of electrically conductive material that connects to a wire that plugs in to the grounding port of an electrical outlet (or connects directly to an ground rod placed into the ground).

I can personally attest to the benefits of earthing. I have a small earthing mat that I use it when I work at a computer and sometimes at the foot of my bed when I sleep. I have indeed noticed that I feel more alert, calm and focused since I started using it. I also try to go barefoot when I can, as I generally experience profound improvements in my mental clarity and overall sense of  well-being when I do.

To learn more about the science behind earthing, I highly recommend reading the book, Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (I was sold on the concept immediately upon reading it.) It includes information about the history of earthing’s discovery, the research conducted on it thus far, as well as many case studies and testimonials. Hopefully, as more people in the medical field begin to take earthing seriously, we will start to see more clinical studies on its potential health benefits.


Clinton Ober, et al. Earthing. Basic Health Publications, 2010.

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