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Exercise Longer with CoQ10


If you want to get the most out of your muscles, make sure you take supplemental coenzyme Q10. A new study showed that 300 mg a day of CoQ10 can improve exercise performance and reduce feelings of fatigue.

CoQ10 is essential for energy metabolism. Our bodies make CoQ10, but levels begin to decline as early as age 20. Exercise can deplete levels of CoQ10, and, as this study shows, adding it back can help you go longer without feeling tired. CoQ10 boosts energy efficiency in muscle cells’ tiny power plants, called mitochondria. (Mizuna, K et al. Nutrition 2008 Feb 11 [Epub ahead of print] doi:10.1016/jnut.2007.12.007.)

Also essential for muscle maintenance: vitamin E, protein, and acetyl-L-carnitine.

The Anti-Aging Bottom Line: Exercise is crucial for maintaining muscle mass. Supplemental CoQ10 can help you exercise longer.

QUICK TIP: Research has shown that supplementing with CoQ10 may improve blood vessel function and overall cardiovascular health. Learn More

Written exclusively for Stop Aging Now, the authority on anti-aging research, anti-aging nutrition, and anti-aging supplements.

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