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Exploring The Link Between Kindness, Compassion and Health


Social Ties Can Make You Fat You may not at first associate with kindness and good physical health, but research displays that the two are strongly related. A recent University of North Carolina study, published in Psychological Science, featured 65 faculty and staff members. One-half took a class in “loving kindness” meditation, focusing on loving compassionate thoughts and actions. The other half were told they were on a waiting list for the class. After 61 days, the group that focused on kindness to others had lower blood pressure, impressive weight maintenance and positive emotions. These thoughts and acts of kindness created happier, healthier people.

Altruism and Happiness Linked

Lois Pope is a wonderful example of the feel good link between altruism and happiness. The widow of Generoso Pope, Jr., the founder of the National Enquirer, sold the controversial publication and devoted her life to philanthropy. She discovered, through her Lois Pope LIFE Foundation, that altruism and kindness reward the giver as much as the recipient of the actions. Microsoft co-founder, Bill Gates, is also noted for his altruism through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which brings him as much joy as the charities he supports receive.

Community and Kindness

When you spread your kindness and compassion throughout the community, your happiness factor increases. There are many role models in the game of joy. Volunteering your time to help the community at large will return amazing levels of happiness and satisfaction to you. There is little in life that’s more rewarding than the feelings you get from helping others who are not as fortunate or as healthy as you.

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