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Find Out How You Can Reverse Type 2 Diabetes


NH BLOG Living with type 2 diabetes day after day, year after year, can be quite a balancing act. Eat the wrong foods and you’re liable to make it worse. And the last thing you want to do is become insulin-dependent.

Now, research out of the UK finds that it’s possible to reverse diabetes, even if you’ve had it for a long time.

The study involved 30 volunteers with type 2 diabetes. Many of the patients had long-duration diabetes, defined as more than 8 years and ranging up to 23 years.

Over 8 weeks, study participants followed a diet that limited calories to 600 to 700 a day. During that time, they drank three shakes and ate 240 grams of non-starchy vegetables. On average, the participants lost just over 28 pounds after the two months.

To help ensure the weight loss was maintained, the volunteers then gradually returned to eating normal food over a two week period, with careful instructions on how to eat. In addition, they were seen once a month and supported with individualized weight maintenance programs for the next 6 months. These programs were designed to limit eating to around one third less calories than the volunteers were eating before the study.

With this coaching, study participants didn’t regain weight over the next six months. The real magic, however, occurred in the pancreas of these individuals.

Even though many of them were still overweight after dieting, they had lost enough weight to remove fat from the pancreas. This, in turn, allowed insulin production to return to normal.

Allan Tutty, age 57, was able to transform his health by taking part in the study.

“I took part in the research spending eight weeks on an 800-calorie a day diet which was really tough over Christmas and New Year but I was determined to complete it. The pay-off for me—the possible reversal of my diabetes—was more than worth the effort.

“In the two months, I lost two and a half stones [about 35 lbs] and my pancreas was working within normal limits. With my diabetes in remission, I haven’t looked back.”

He also notes that he eats “normal foods”… he just eats less of them than he used to.

Study author Professor Roy Taylor said: “What we have shown is that it is possible to reverse your diabetes, even if you have had the condition for a long time, up to around 10 years. If you have had the diagnosis for longer than that, then don’t give up hope – major improvement in blood sugar control is possible.”

The study also answers the question that many diabetics often ask Taylor. “If I lose the weight and keep the weight off, will I stay free of diabetes?”

The simple answer is yes!


SOURCE: Reverse your diabetes – and you can stay diabetes-free long-term. Press Release. Newcastle University. Mar 2016.





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