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Food Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know


Ever wish you knew how to keep your organic potatoes from sprouting too early? Or that you knew how to boost the nutrient absorption of certain foods? Believe it or not, Mother Nature has a few tricks up her sleeve for these very situations.

Here are a few of our favorite foods and nutrition tricks.

1. Add Lemon to Green Tea to Boost Nutrient Absorption

Adding citrus to green tea stabilizes catechin content and boosts antioxidant absorption 13 fold.

green tea (2)

2. Ginger: Not just for upset stomachs anymore.

Studies have found that ginger can also ease muscle soreness. One study found this therapeutic spice helped reduce exercise-induced muscle pain by nearly 25%.

ginger (2)
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3. Check the Readiness of a Peach by Taking a Whiff

The Peach is a member of the rose family, and will have a sweet scent when its ripe.

peaches (2)

4. And Blanch Peaches to Easily Remove Peel

Here’s a great tutorial on how to pull it off. (Pun intended…)

peeling peaches (2)

5. Boost Magnesium By Eating More Greens

The chlorophyll molecule encages magnesium. Therefore, anything naturally green is a great source of magnesium.

magnesium (2)

6. Crush Some Garlic to Boost Your Immune System

The allicin in garlic activates white blood cells and triggers phagocytosis, making garlic an incredibly powerful immune booster.

Garlic (2)

7. Store potatoes with an apple to prevent sprouting.

To test this tip, America’s Test Kitchen stored two bags of russet potatoes, one with an apple and one without, in a dry, dark spot. After three weeks, one potato in the bag without an apple had sprouted, and after a total of five weeks all the potatoes had sprouted. In comparison, the bag with an apple stayed mostly firm and sprout-free for eight weeks!

How? In a well-ventilated bag, apples release low levels of ethylene gas, a gas that suppresses the elongation of the potatoes’ cells and prevents sprouting.

potatoes (2)

8. Revive droopy greens with ice water.

Restore the crisp texture of your wilted greens by soaking them in an ice water bath for a few minutes.

9. Keep berries fresh by washing them in vinegar water.

Wash fresh strawberries, raspberries and other berries in a diluted vinegar bath made from one part vinegar and three parts water to elongate their shelf life for days or even weeks. This works because vinegar is a natural disinfectant and mold killer. Just make sure to dry the berries thoroughly and store in a clean, paper towel-lined container.

Berry Fresh Longer

10. Use a Cooling Rack to Store Your Tomatoes

Using a cooling rack allows the stems to poke through, a little trick we picked up from Keeping the stem side of tomatoes unexposed keeps them fresh for about a week outside the fridge (refrigeration dries out tomatoes and makes them flavorless). Some speculate that this works because the stem holes are an exit point for moisture and an entry point for mold and bacteria. If you don’t have enough countertop space, try covering tomato tops with scotch tape.

11. Plastic Wrap Around Stem of Banana Bunch

In this case, we’re locking in the ethylene gas, slowing the maturation of banana cells.

Bananas (2)

Image courtesy of BeWellPhilly. Check out their experiment here.

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One response to “Food Tricks and Tips Everyone Should Know”

  1. James Hood says:

    We appreciate the comments about caring for the veggies so they keep longer and also the washes for the berries for the same reason, etc.