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Healthy and Refreshing Summer Smoothie Recipes


Craving a cool, sweet treat on a hot summer day?

Skip the heavy milkshake that’s loaded with calories and fat and create your own healthful fruit smoothie.

Packed with antioxidants and essential nutrients, these simple smoothie recipes are a wonderful way to satisfy a sweet tooth and deliver wholesome nutrition.

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Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Makes 3½ cups

  • 1 cup coconut milk
  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 mango
  • 5 large strawberries

Directions: Add milk to your blender. Remove banana from the freezer, and peel and slice it. Add the banana slices to the milk. Remove the skin from the mango and cut into one-inch chunks. Add mango to the blender. Hull the strawberries and add them to the blender. Mix ingredients until thick and smooth.

Cherry Banana Smoothie

Makes 4 cups 

  • 1 frozen banana
  • 1 ½ cups plain yogurt
  • 1 ½ cups ice
  • ¼ cup honey
  • 2 cups pitted sweet cherries

Directions: Remove the banana from the freezer, and peel and slice it. Set it aside. Add yogurt, ice and honey to the blender. Blend until the ice is crushed. Add cherries and banana to the blender. Mix ingredients until it is thick and smooth. 

Stone Fruit Smoothie

Makes 2 cups

  • 1 plum
  • 1 peach
  • 1 nectarine
  • ½ cup of plain yogurt
  • ½ cup fresh blueberries

Directions: Remove the pits of your plum, peach and nectarine. Roughly chop the fruits. Combine fruits, yogurt and blueberries into the blender. Mix until it is thick and smooth.

Tips On Creating Your Own Smoothie

Want to make a smoothie with your favorite fruit? It’s simple and easy. Here are a few tips…

Yogurt makes a nice base, but if you’re going dairy-free, a frozen banana can add thickness to a smoothie without overwhelming the flavor of your other fruits. Also, be sure you’ve got a good blender with a strong motor so that your smoothie comes out thick and creamy.


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