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The Mighty Tea Leaf: How One Leaf Creates More Than 1,000 Different Teas


Tea is the next big thing, again. You may know that every tea, from black tea to green tea, is made from the same leaf, camellia sinensis, but do you ever wonder how each tea gets its own unique flavor and medicinal properties?

If you haven’t already, you’ll soon see tea houses popping up in quaint neighborhoods offering exotic teas from unknown, worldly places. You can even find tea tasting guides that help guide you through the complexity of a tea’s flavor profile. But how many teas get their unique flavor profiles and medicinal properties is a rather complicated and interesting process. Here’s a fabulous infographic that explains the tea-making process from the time the leaf is plucked to the pour into your cup. Click the image to view in full size and learn some fun facts about the journey of a tea leaf.

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5 responses to “The Mighty Tea Leaf: How One Leaf Creates More Than 1,000 Different Teas”

  1. Esther Moeller says:

    I had wanted to forward this to my daughter, but was interrupted and now your site does not have the forwarding option;. If it can still be forwarded (she is a tea drinker) please do so. Her e-mail is