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Just a Single Meditation Session Can Greatly Reduce Anxiety


The new buzzword “mindfulness” is popping up across all social media, workplaces and schools. The reason why is simple: It is a powerful natural treatment for anxiety that you can do all by yourself, anywhere and anytime.

After just a 1-hour introductory session, a research team found promising results in reducing stress on the arteries of people with anxiety. Anxiety puts stress on the body’s organs and can be a risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Mindfulness is a good way to increase your resilience to stress.

Wash Your Worries Away with Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness meditation programs are all the rage now for treating anxiety and getting rid of unwanted over-thinking. Anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders today in our country. Mindfulness meditation focuses on breathing and awareness on one’s thoughts. Research published in Science Daily by a Michigan Technological University professor proposes that people can get physiological and psychological benefits right away from a single 60-minute guided introductory session of mindfulness meditation practice.

Preliminary results are promising by lead researcher John J. Durocher, PhD, an assistant professor of physiology in the department of biological sciences at Michigan Technological University. Dr. Durocher’s study results reveal a straightforward reduction in anxiety during the first hour after the meditation session; after one week, anxiety was significantly lower after the meditation session when participants reported continuing to practice mindfulness after the first session. Study participants showed clear positive effects on their bodies: reduced stress on their arteries, which directly impacts lower stress on the brain and kidneys, as well as prevention of high blood pressure.

How to Get Started Meditating at Home

Meditating makes you feel calmer and stops unwanted over-thinking. Beginning meditators can start with 3-5 minutes while paying attention to taking breaths. Meditation focuses attention on breathing and bringing your attention back to this focus when you see you are drifting to another topic without criticizing yourself. It helps you become aware of what you are thinking. You can choose to walk instead of sit to help you concentrate and get rid of distractions. A 10-minute walking meditation involves 1 minute of paying attention to the feeling of your body walking, the feeling of your breath, feeling the air on your skin, what you see, and listening to the sounds around you. All of your senses are in play when you are outdoors.

Open awareness is a key part of mindfulness meditation. This practice allows anything you sense to rise up, and then naturally replace it with something else as you breathe and re-train your mind to focus on breathing. It’s a re-training of the mind to go back to a point of focus.


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