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Magnesium Is a Must for Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics


If you have type 2 diabetes, make sure you’re getting enough magnesium—at least 400 mg a day. Low levels of magnesium are associated with increased risk for and . Magnesium supplementation has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity. In fact, based on current knowledge, doctors have good reason to believe that getting magnesium levels up to an appropriate level may help delay the onset of type 2 diabetes and ward off its devastating complications—, retinopathy (blindness) and nephropathy (kidney damage).

Lots of people with diabetes have chronically low levels of magnesium compared to people who don’t have the disease. That’s because diabetes causes the kidneys to excrete magnesium, and because insulin resistance makes it harder for cells to take in and retain magnesium. These low levels cause problems because magnesium is a crucial cofactor for many reactions involved in .

Unprocessed foods are the best sources of magnesium: tofu, beans, nuts, seeds (especially pumpkin seeds), whole grains and green vegetables like spinach and broccoli. Halibut is also a good source, with 90 mg per 3 oz. serving. is touted as a good source, but it has only 20 mg of magnesium per ounce. In the U.S., most people get about 75% of the recommended amount, so they need about 100 mg more a day. (We recommend no more than 400 mg of supplemental magnesium without medical supervision, especially for people with kidney problems.)

The Anti- Bottom Line: Magnesium is involved in more than 300 chemical reactions in the body, including many critical to energy metabolism. Most people, and especially those with type 2 diabetes, do not get enough on a daily basis, and therefore suffer the symptoms of . Make sure to include pleny of magnesium-rich foods in your and take a magnesium to be on the safe side.

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Written exclusively for Stop Aging Now, the authority on anti-aging research, anti-aging nutrition, and anti-aging supplements.

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