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Powerful Cancer-Killing Compound Found in Rare Medicinal Mushroom

tmm Legends say that this mushroom sprouts wherever the milk of a tigress falls to the ground. Despite the fanciful origins of this fungi’s name, the tiger milk mushroom’s benefits are firmly rooted in reality.

A native species of Malaysia, they are fat-free, low calorie, and contain many essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition, tiger milk have been found to have high levels of , a compound shown to boost the body’s system and aid in the prevention of cancer cells.

The Mineral That Makes the Difference

This natural compound found in tiger milk mushrooms could unlock a new class of cancer drugs.  The variety of tiger milk mushrooms from Africa have a protein complex which turn selenium an essential trace mineral into a powerful .

Selenium in its natural form can be found in rice, broccoli, onions, and potatoes – so I encourage you to add these foods to your diet.  The benefits of selenium also include boosting your .

An even more startling finding is new technology pioneered by Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University led by Dr. Wong.  His team has combined nanoparticles with selenium, creating selenium-based nanoparticles that destroy breast cancer cells.

This exciting technology in development by Dr. Wong and his research department is in its early stages and hold much promise as a future cancer treatment. Currently, tiger milk mushrooms are hard to come buy, but there are several other that offer up the same healing powers.

Beta Glucan & the Prevention of Cancer

What’s a beta glucan?  These are critical secret weapons to keep your immune system strong and healthy.

Your body doesn’t produce this compound naturally so it’s critical you get it from outside sources.  All medicinal mushrooms contain beta glucans and tiger milk mushrooms contain a high level of this compound.  Beta glucans are also found in baker’s yeast, barley, rye, oats, and wheat.

There’s over fifty years of strong research behind how they work.  Beta glucans stimulate adaptable immune calls known as macrophages that consume and destroy harmful cells and viruses and create a response in other immune cells to attack the invading pathogens.

The concentration of beta glucan specifically lentinan is found in .  Research from Teikyo University in Japan found that lentinan has anti-tumor properties.

Shiitake and tiger milk mushrooms are just a couple of the powerful medicinal mushrooms discussed on my website Alternative Doctor.

Beta Glucans Not Just A One Trick Pony

The surprising findings in addition beta glucan’s properties include it being a powerful infection fighter.  If you’ve ever been on vacation abroad and experienced traveler’s diarrhea – beta-glucan lowers the incidence of this infection, known as escheria coli (ETEC).

Beta glucan’s also reduce upper respiratory infections and help ease cold and flu symptoms.

Medicinal Mushrooms Douse the Fire of

Mushrooms are living organisms and as such, they intelligently modulate the immune system and help reduce the immune response when it’s overrun as in the case of chronic inflammation.

We call this an adaptogen, and there’s easily hundreds of useful compounds in one medicinal mushroom alone.

Adaptogens engage the immune system is a smart way, instead of all-out suppression, as most drugs do (aspirin, Ibuprofen, NSAIDs etc.).

Technically, the adaptogens are terpenes. These substances are resins and found in trees and other plants, as well as fungi, which of course are not in the plant kingdom at all.

These terpenes have great powers to reduce swelling, redness and pain, improve breathing and reduce the first stages of heart disease.

King of the anti-inflammatory mushrooms is the amazing Ganoderma lucidum mushroom; Chinese name Reishi.

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