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Skin Saviors: 7 Easy Solutions for Younger-Looking Skin


As one of the only organs directly exposed to external elements, it’s critical that skin be protected from both the inside and the outside. And while skin care may seem basic enough, if you’re neglecting one of skin saviors below, you’re missing an opportunity to quickly and easily improve the look and feel of your skin.

Here are 7 easy ways you can improve skin tone, boost elasticity and protect your skin from the inside out.

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1. Dry Brushing

If you want to protect against sagging, crepey skin and you’re not dry brushing, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. Dry brushing devotees report experiencing everything from improved skin tone to smoother, tighter tummies.

The practice takes less than two minutes, and can have a profound impact on the look and health of skin by helping to “decongest” pores and exfoliate dead skin cells. It also helps to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems so that toxins are more easily eliminated from the body.

While it may take some dedication and patience, dry brushing fights signs of aging and is even rumored to help smooth cellulite over time.

To learn everything you need to know about dry brushing, click here.

2. Sleep (But not for the reason you think…)

If some cells are more active during the day and others at night, you can think of skin cells as the night owls of the body. Between the hours of 11:00 p.m and 4 a.m. is when skin cells do their most important and rapid repair work. Cellular regeneration nearly doubles, collagen is boosted and antioxidants go into doubletime, working to destroy free radicals and repair damaged skin cells.

Bonus: The overnight hours give your skin an uninterrupted 6-8 hours (hopefully) to absorb valuable nutrients from your night serum without competition from your make up, environmental pollutants or UV radiation. This is one of the reasons it’s so critical to pick a nutrient-dense night serum.

You can learn more about the importance of a good nighttime skin care regimen here.

3. Proper Exfoliation process — the importance is two-fold

In our teens and 20s, skin cells were quick to shed and regenerate, but with age, cellular regeneration slows dramatically. This can cause dead cells to build up on the skin’s surface, clogging pores and making skin appear dull.

Exfoliating the skin to remove dead surface cells not only reveals fresher, more radiant skin, it preps the skin to better absorb nutrients from serums and moisturizers that follow in the skin care routine.

4. Using the Right Cleanser

The key to choosing the right cleanser is knowing your skin. While the traditional bar of soap may be best for the body, a soap-free cleanser may be the best bet for your face, since soap-based facial cleansers can strip away natural oils that protect the skin.

5. Opt for Skin Oils Over Night Creams

Night creams are often nothing more than waxy vehicles for the lipid-soluble skin nutrients we’re seeking. While putting oils on your skin may seem counterintuitive, your skin is actually designed to receive nourishment this way. The lipid barrier layer of the skin requires that nutrients wishing to pass though be “ushered” by an lipid-friendly molecule, but when a substance is too bulky the nutrients are barely able to penetrate your skin’s first layer, much less reach the layers deep beneath the surface. Face oils, on the other hand, offer concentrated doses of nutrients and antioxidants that can more efficiently support the skin’s nutrient needs and lock in moisture.

6. Consume Skin-Saving Nutrients

If you’re not replenishing your body with the nutrients required for efficient skin cell rejuvenation, or if you’re cutting corners when it comes to proper hydration, you’re robbing your skin of what it needs to look radiant. Loading up on the nutrients that improve skin tone is incredibly simple once you know which nutrients to be on the lookout for. Check out this article to know what foods to eat for your skin.

7. Add “Topical Nutrition” to Your Skin Regimen

Healthy skin may start on the inside, but it certainly doesn’t end there. Using nutrient-dense topical serums provides the protection your skin needs to ward off free radicals and prevent premature aging. Many nutrients, such as lipid-soluble vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, can transform skin when applied topically for several weeks.

Look for a night serum rich in nutrients that calm skin and even tone, and hydrating day cream that’s loaded with skin-friendly antioxidants that can help skin cells ward off the day’s free radical damage. It’s also important to find brands that are free of the toxic chemicals found in so many conventional skin care lines. Many of the toxin-free products are clinically proven to be just as, if not more, effective than expensive brands.

For a list of the nutrients that best promote healthy skin, check out this article.

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