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Take CoQ10 to Heart–Cardiologist Warns


If you have heart disease, you must take coenzyme Q10, says Texas cardiologist Peter Langsjoen, a world-recognized researcher and expert on CoQ10.

Dr. Langsjoen is especially alarmed about patients on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, such as Lipitor and Zocor. Such drugs can seriously deplete CoQ10, bringing on potentially deadly side effects and a weakening of the heart, he says.

Statin drugs use the same metabolic pathway as CoQ10, he says. So when you shut down synthesis of cholesterol, lowering it, you also shut down production of CoQ10.  “If your cholesterol goes down 50 %, your CoQ10 goes down 50%,” explains Langsjoen. And that can be disastrous, he says.

CoQ10 is an energy molecule in all cells, primarily in the heart, which must have CoQ10 to function. A drop in CoQ10 can cause fatigue and muscle pain and weakness, a common side effect of statins. Langsjoen finds that replenishing CoQ10 can reverse the statin-induced problems.

However, Dr. Langsjoen prefers to skip statins and treat heart patients with CoQ10 alone. He has taken hundreds of patients off statins, and put them on CoQ10, and says not a single one has ever suffered a heart attack as a result. In fact, most improved dramatically. In one study of 50 people who stopped statins and started CoQ10, he reports, fatigue rates dropped from 84% to 16%; central nervous system problems, such as memory, fell from 8% to 4%.

Further, their ejection fractions, a measure of the heart’s pumping power, showed striking improvement, as verified by echocardiograms. Langsjoen says ejection fraction “drops like a rock” in some patients who go on statins.

Langsjoen typically advises 300 mg CoQ10 daily for heart patients, but says you also get benefits from 100 mg CoQ10  a day.

The message: Whether or not you take statins, CoQ10 can improve the functioning of your aging heart and probably your brain as well. CoQ10 is prescribed for Parkinson’s patients, and has blocked Alzheimer’s-like brain damage in animals, say Johns Hopkins researchers. ..

How safe is CoQ10? Up to 1200 mg a day for sure, and 2400 mg a day has not caused significant side effects.

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