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Sceletium: How This Breakthrough Naturally “Rewires” Your Anxious Brain

Do you know what the #1 most overlooked risk factor is when it comes to your heart, brain and longevity? It’s stress.

Unfortunately, too many of us are under constant stress these days — plagued with everything from long commutes and pressure at work to family difficulties and financial strain. And it’s making us sick and tired.

It’s easy to imagine how stress can contribute to psychological conditions like anxiety and mood swings, but did you know that chronic stress can also ravage your body? Studies have concretely linked stress to a wide range of serious health problems including:[1]

And of course, the disastrous effects of chronic stress extend well beyond your physical health. Research has shown that stress can negatively impact your relationships, productivity and overall quality of life.[2]

While it may not be possible to avoid stressful situations, there is a simple, safe and effective way to increase your ability to handle stress and mitigate the harmful effects it has on your body, while boosting your mood, brainpower and energy.

It’s True: Stress Can Kill You

Your body is programmed to respond beautifully to short, intense periods of stress. This is known as the fight-or-flight response. When your brain perceives a threat to your survival, your adrenal glands flood your body with stress hormones that increase your strength, speed and ability to think quickly.

The trouble is, when you’re under the kind of chronic stress that so many of us face in this day and age, stress hormones circulate throughout your body constantly. Your adrenal glands eventually lose the ability to function properly, leading to a cascade of health problems. You begin to feel sick, tired, depressed and irritable.

Leading experts have cited chronic stress as the #1 most overlooked health risk facing Americans today. And recent research has shown that stress upsets hormonal balance in a manner that can kill your sex drive and actually accelerate the aging process.[3] In fact, one breakthrough study showed that chronic stress could shorten your lifespan by up to six years![4]

Other research has also shown that stress impairs your immune system, making you vulnerable to infections, autoimmune conditions and other serious health concerns.[5] Stress also increases your risk of having a heart attack or stroke, contributes to cognitive decline and upsets blood sugar balance, which can lead to weight gain.[6,7]

The bottom line is, if you’re suffering from chronic stress, it’s imperative that you take action now to keep it from destroying your health, taking years off your life — and sucking the life out of your years.

The Natural Stress Fighter That Works in 30 Minutes

As part of my work researching the world’s vast array of natural remedies, I’ve recently come across mind-blowing new studies on a plant-based stress fighter that also has incredibly powerful mood boosting effects. You won’t hear about it from your doctor, and Big Pharma is doing all they can to keep it under wraps.

But you deserve to know about it.

Emerging research is showing that an extract of a plant indigenous to South Africa, called Sceletium tortuosum has amazing potential to mitigate the effects of stress, while boosting your mood, brainpower and energy. Sceletium has shocked researchers with its remarkable ability to brighten mood, dissolve tension and enhance cognitive function — all within as little as 30 minutes![8,9]

What I like most about sceletium is that it is not a stimulant. It has virtually no known side effects or interactions, is not habit forming — and you can get all the benefits with just one small capsule per day.

Renowned medicine hunter, Chris Kilham, described the effects of sceletium with this simple metaphor:

“Think of your mind as a reasonably well-tuned four-cylinder engine. About half an hour after consuming sceletium, your mind is more like a twelve cylinder, turbo-charged racing engine. Soon your mind is overcome with startling clarity, a feeling that anything is possible, and a seemingly endless capacity for ideas and mental work. If coffee is a pick-me-up, sceletium is a jet ride to mental brilliance.”

Sceletium Rewires Your Brain for Happiness

Could sceletium be the natural “happy pill” we’ve all been searching for? Researchers are saying that sceletium’s mechanism of action is unlike anything they’ve seen before. It essentially works by quickly boosting your levels of the neurotransmitter serotonin, the “happy chemical.”[10]

At the same time, sceletium increases levels of an important messenger substance called cAMP, and this has been shown to produce beneficial effects on mood and cognitive function in stressful situations.[10,11]

Most people report that after taking sceletium, they feel a sense of relief and comfort and notice a lift in their mood and mental clarity within as little as 30 minutes.

The Incredible Benefits of Sceletium

How to Make Sceletium Work for You

There is currently only one patented, standardized sceletium extract available. It’s called Zembrin®, and it’s actually the only legal source of sceletium. So I highly recommend that if you plan to give sceletium a try, you stick with the Zembrin brand. Additionally, Zembrin is what was used in all of the research studies demonstrating sceletium’s remarkable benefits.

Zembrin can be difficult to gain access to because production is limited, so watch out for impostor products out there. I’ve seen a few companies using the Zembrin name without authorization, and who knows what they’re using instead!

Research has shown that the most effective dose is 25 mg per day, and this amount should only require one small pill per day. If the formula requires you to take more than this, it’s a sure sign it contains a Zembrin knock-off or lots of needless fillers.

The Sceletium Supplement I Recommend

The science behind sceletium is rock solid. The problem is, finding a high-quality sceletium supplement can be difficult. I’ve been dismayed by the sheer number of cheap knock-offs. And the few supplements I’ve found that are actually made with the Zembrin brand are absurdly expensive.

That’s why I worked with the Scientific Advisory Board at my nutritional supplement company Stop Aging Now to develop an effective AND affordable sceletium supplement that I call CalmTrex®. Because of our over 20-year track record in developing high quality dietary supplements, Stop Aging Now is one of the few companies licensed to use the Zembrin brand of sceletium.

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get CalmTrex for as low as $16.50 a bottle — plus FREE SHIPPING. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal. Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

I’ve been taking CalmTrex for over a year now, and I honestly don’t think I could keep pace with my busy schedule without it. CalmTrex helps me stay relaxed, focused and energized all day long, and then I sleep like a baby at night. I wake up refreshed and ready to take on the day.

I encourage you to do your own research to make sure I’m not just shamelessly promoting my own product. But here is why I’m confident that CalmTrex is simply your best option for mood enhancement, stress relief and cognitive health support:

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get CalmTrex for as low as $16.50 a bottle — plus FREE SHIPPING. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal.

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