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The Best Sleeping Posture for What’s Ailing You


Bad news for those of us who sleep best tummy side down. Experts are now saying this sleeping position may be the worst one for both health and skin. So what’s the ideal position for sleep? Well, that depends on your unique situation.

Sadly, your favorite sleeping position may be responsible for morning and mid-day back and neck pain, headaches, congestion and even heart burn. But training yourself to sleep in a position that’s ideal for your health situation can result in more energy, reduced pain, improved digestion and even fewer wrinkles.

So how can you find out which is best for you?

Here’s an inforgraphic from the Wall Street Journal that breaks it down.


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2 responses to “The Best Sleeping Posture for What’s Ailing You”

  1. Bruce says:

    Your diagram shows someone sleeping on their left side you should always try to sleep on the right side with your heart on the upper side of the body. Puts mush less strain on the heart and improves circulation

    • Willie says:

      Hi Bruce!

      Good advice, but the diagram also displays images of individuals sleeping on their right side. If you look closely, the sleeping position depends on the ailments or problems you might be encountering!