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12 Hormone-Altering Chemicals You Must Avoid


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Toxic chemicals We live in a toxic world filled with hormone-altering chemicals. How do they adversely affect health? Let us count the ways. They increase or decrease the production of certain hormones as well as imitate or transform others. In addition, they make cells die prematurely and compete with essential nutrients. Exposure to these chemicals leads to cancer and brain damage along with high blood pressure, infertility and many other maladies.

The Environmental Working Group recently released its dirty dozen list of the 12 worst offenders of hormone-altering chemicals. Below is the list, including measures to take to minimize your exposure.


A chemical used in plastics, BPA imitates the sex hormone estrogen. It has been linked to heart disease, breast cancer, obesity, reproductive problems, early puberty, asthma and tooth decay. Government tests show 93 percent of Americans have BPA in their bodies.

How to avoid it? Since many canned foods are lined with this chemical, opt for fresh foods. Do not ask for cash register receipts because thermal paper is often coated with this chemical. Avoid plastics with a “PC” mark or recycling label #7, as many of these products contain BPA.

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