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Eye-Opening Findings Reveal Effectiveness of Antidepressants is a Myth


Are antidepressants overprescribed? Do they really work? Are they dangerous to those who take them and to society at large? Let’s take these questions one at a time, examining the evidence.

Are antidepressants overused?

Antidepressants are currently the most frequently prescribed drugs in the US, soaring by 400 percent over the past two decades, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Does this reflect appropriate treatment or overmedicalization? In a debate on the issue published in the January 22, 2013 issue of the online British Medical Journal, Dr. Des Spence, a Glasgow general practitioner, believes these drugs are overprescribed due in part to the present definition of clinical depression — experiencing low mood for a period of two weeks. He says this definition is “too loose,” noting that 75 percent of those who formulate these definitions have ties to the pharmaceutical industry.

The effectiveness of antidepressants is a myth.

In a fascinating study published in Philosophy, Ethics and Humanities in Medicine (PEHM), researchers set out to determine if the effectiveness of antidepressants was a myth.

Their eye-opening findings reveal the untrustworthiness that pervades the drug review system. Although medical literature reports several hundred antidepressant clinical trials that yielded “positive” results, the PEHM’s closer analysis shows a different story. Here is what they found:

  • Clinical trials that received negative results were either not published or were distorted.
  • The benefits were exaggerated, as positive results of a small magnitude were reported as being large.
  • The only genuine benefit of antidepressants was found in a tiny minority of patients who had very severe depression.

The so called “evidence” supporting the effectiveness of antidepressants did not hold up to the scrutiny of higher standards and careful examination. Researchers who had presented a rosy picture of the effectiveness of these drugs had misinterpreted the significance of statistics and manipulated the design of the studies, as well as distorted the reporting of findings and selectively picked study populations based on bias. All of these blatant breaches in ethics have nourished a myth that these drugs alleviate depression.

Antidepressants are the common denominator in mass shootings.

A chilling link between antidepressants and murderous violence is pointed out by Lawrence Hunter of the Social Security Institute who states, “In virtually every mass school shooting during the past 15 years, the shooter has been on or in withdrawal from psychiatric drugs.” The common denominator among the perpetrators of this violence is antidepressants. Moreover, John Hinckley, Jr., Ted Kaczinski and the Amish school killer Charles Carl Roberts IV were all under the influence of these medications where they committed their criminal acts.

Psychiatrist Peter Breggin relates to Fox News that depression rarely leads to violence. He explains that murders and mass murders associated with depression have only occurred after the advent of a certain class of antidepressants. Furthermore, the Physicians’ Desk Reference, which is an authoritative source of drug information, lists suicidal and homicidal ideas as hazardous side effects of these drugs.

The prevailing mindset is that antidepressants are relatively harmless medications that elevate mood. In reality, they are mind-altering, potentially dangerous drugs that only offer a benefit to those who are very severely depressed.


Mary West is a natural health enthusiast, as she believes this area can profoundly enhance wellness. She is the creator of a natural healing website where she focuses on solutions to health problems that work without side effects. You can visit her site and learn more at Ms. West is also the author of Fight Cancer Through Powerful Natural Strategies.

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18 responses to “Eye-Opening Findings Reveal Effectiveness of Antidepressants is a Myth”

  1. gee says:

    1st Point; TRUE. Antidepressants are overused.

    2nd Point: NOT TRUE! Antidepressants are effective for the population targeted, or intended for; the clinically & severely depressed! Antidepressants may be the only way a person deep into their depression can stop the chronicity of this deep and clinical depression!

    3rd Point: NOT TRUE. The actual Common Denominator in mass shootings is PARANOIA!
    Then likely no one for emotional support; not taking their prescribed medications regularly, disturbed thinking which might be helped with a therapist, a physical illness, or several illnesses, a group of cohorts equally as confused by irrational and inaccurate thinking, thinking which is actually far from fact & leaning toward distorted thinking, distorted by their own behaviors, and the support of their “like” thinking co-horts, unapproachable parents or others, problems at work; school; home, etc., as well as many other Diagnoses or ailments or emotions or normal life problems such as STRESS.

    • Harrier says:

      Perhaps your dependance on these psychoactive drugs has impaired your ability to rationally evaluate information from news sources etc., as points 2 and 3 are TRUE.

      • MaddMaxx says:

        Perhaps your “dependance” on your own opinion rather than scientific information and bona fide studies has impaired your ability to comment rationally. “Evaluation from news sources, etc”. Now there’s a well researched comment.

    • Brian Hill says:

      you work for big Pharma??? either that or yu are so screwed up on something you can not read and comprehend. it is clear as day what the real problem is

    • MaddMaxx says:

      Is “chronicity” a word?

  2. t1bbst3r says:

    Anti-depressants, like valium for instance, well the takers of drugs like this 9/10 times will mix them with at least a few beers, if not injecting narcotics, so they’re just another thing to get a buzz off of anyway, making heroin users particularly violent after a ten bag & a few valiums, so when they say make people violent, when mixed with anything else atleast this is certainly true. The takers probably will go to drug groups & with other drug users which only advocte this & give people ideas about why theyre there & need to be for a long time while dispencing free needles at the desk for when people leave (saving 1£ for a pack of 1mls) anyway so whats the point to start with?

  3. setraline says:

    All I know is i gutted out the program of Alcoholics Anonymous for 3 years before I finally had enough OCD, anxiety and depression that I went to see an addictionologist. He saved my life with 100mg of Zoloft (setraline).

    All the other doctors (in the back pocket of pharma giants and the AMA) said I was bipolar, schizo affective, disassociative disorder etc.

    I am 100 % easier to get along with now.

    • Cat Hunter says:

      A lobotomy might have worked for you also.

      • MaddMaxx says:

        Jesus, Valium is not an anti-depressant. It is a benzodiazepine used for anxiety and to relax muscles.

        Anti-deperessants provide no buzz, other lifting depression. Maybe that could be considered a buzz

    • Cat Hunter says:

      A lobotomy might have worked for you also.

      • MaddMaxx says:

        Good comment cat. Really productive. Keep it up.

        I also like the guy who “gutted out” 3 years of AA. Obviously he needed more help than AA could provide.

  4. Rene says:

    Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an incredibly long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing
    all that over again. Anyway, just wanted to
    say superb blog!

    • naterey says:


      I’ve had a similar problem in the past. The editing software on this site will block very long posts.

      Just break your post up into chunks.

  5. Siljane Hering says:

    I have been on anti-depressants for 15 years.
    at first they worked for me, they quit working for me and cause me health problems. I have digestive problems, heart palpations, high blood pressure,feel fatigued, cant absorb nutrients, feel suicidal. My goal is to get off them with the help of a naturopath.

  6. MaddMaxx says:

    This is a classic tail wagging the dog article. Obviously anyone taking an assault rifle to the bell tower or shooting up a school is unhinged.

    Blaming anti-depressant use for this behavior makes almost as much sense as blaming gun manufacturers for murders. You cannot legislate behavior.

    Isn’t it far more likely that these people have a history of mental illness and they, their friends and families have tried to attack the problem using the available tools? Each one of the mass murders I’ve read about seems to support this idea.

    With school shootings an arm chair diagnosis of “paranoia” is grossly oversimplified. A far more logical conclusion (and one that can be easily addressed) is that these shooters have been bullied, beaten down and marginalized by their peers. Their reaction is rage, not paranoia.

    Read the medical warnings on any prescription, or non prescription drug. Any idea how many deaths there are from OTC drugs such as acetaminophen?

    Do you really think Vitamin D, treating SAD with light or any other natural cure would have prevented these incidents?

    Yes, anti-depressants have side affects. All drugs do, natural or otherwise. The vast majority of people who need and take anti depressant drugs benefit from them without debilitating side affects.

    Is it a placebo effect? Highly unlikely being that serotonin and dopamine levels can be measured.

  7. lovie says:

    All the poor kids that committed these awful shootings were on mind alterating pharmacutical drugs. check it out ! These companies are making the cigarette industry look like angels. they should be held accountable for the destruction of so many lives….
    money & greed, as in Washington….it must stop. Are paarents conditioned to give their children these drugs or why …i would never do ths,,,

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