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The Latest Weight-Loss Superhero


Just like Superman, each person trying to lose weight has his or her own kryptonite. It could be bread, pasta, cookies or any high-carbohydrate food. But now, according the findings of some exciting new research, you might not have to rely on willpower made of steel! There’s an ingredient that may allow you indulge in your carbohydrate adversary without disabling your weight loss plan completely.

White bean extract may prevent or delay the digestion of some carbohydrates, according to a report in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine. Foods high in carbohydrates include starchy foods such as bread, pasta and grains which can be low in fat and calories, except for when you top them off with high-fat butter or sauces or eat them in large quantities.

In the study, UCLA researchers studied 25 healthy people who took 1000 mg of white bean extract or a placebo for four weeks. In addition, the subjects followed a weight loss program that included diet, exercise and behavioral invention. As expected, both groups reduced their weight and waist size significantly. Remember, the key to weight loss is creating a calorie deficiency whether it is from eating less or moving more. The difference in the amount of weight lost between the two groups was not significant. Those taking the white bean extract lost an average of six pounds while those who didn’t supplement lost 4.7 pounds; change in waist size was about two inches for both groups.

However, when the researchers took a closer look at the foods that each participant was eating and compared them according to carbohydrate consumption, the supplement’s benefits presented itself. Those who consumed the most carbohydrates while taking the white bean extract experienced greater weight loss (8.7 pounds) and reduction in waist size (3.3 inches) compared to those who ate the same amount of carbohydrates but didn’t supplement (1.7 pounds and 1.3 inches, respectively).

If you want to lose a few pounds, change the amount of food you eat; move more and pay attention why you may overeat. If you’re still having difficulties limiting the bread, pasta or cookies, white bean extract could be these carbs’ kryptonite.

Source: Udani J, Singh BB. Blocking carbohydrate absorption and weight loss: a clinical trial using a proprietary fractionated white bean extract. Altern Ther Health Med; 13(4):32-7, 2007.

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