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The Scary Truth About Dentistry


truth about dentistry Earlier this year, I attended a charity function in D.C. where I ended up sitting next to an attorney for the EPA. We got to talking, and soon ended up on the subject of traditional vs. alternative medicine, and specifically the EPA’s role in the matter. One thing I was shocked to hear, was that, according to him, the EPA has known for years that some of the materials used in conventional dentistry pose risks to both the dentist and the patient. But he said there has been enormous pressure from the higher ups to basically just “sit on the data.”

Why would the EPA be told to sit on information that could improve people’s health? My guess is that the makers of these toxic materials are lobbying hard to suppress the truth about them. Firstly, they want to protect their lucrative profits. Secondly, they want to avoid the litigation which could ensue if it was found that their products caused harm. It’s a classic example of the major conflict of interest that inevitably occurs when a federal agency is charged with the dual responsibility of protecting big business and protecting citizens.

This brings me to a story that’s been in the news lately. On Wednesday, a FDA advisory panel recommended that the FDA warn dentists and patients that “silver” dental amalgam fillings containing mercury could be dangerous.

By now, we all know the perils of mercury contamination. We avoid fish with high levels of mercury and call a HAZMAT team to clean up even minor mercury spills. Yet despite this knowledge, the FDA, the American Dental Association, as well as industry groups have, for many years, contended that mercury dental fillings are somehow completely safe. While they acknowledge that mercury is a toxic heavy metal known to cause neurological damage, they claim that mercury fillings don’t release mercury vapor and are therefore perfectly safe.

However, there is much research and anecdotal evidence to suggest that mercury fillings are far from harmless. Dozens of dental patients testified before the FDA advisory panel on Wednesday, explaining how their health had deteriorated as a result of getting mercury amalgam fillings. They, along with dentists and public health advocates, urged the panel to push the FDA to ban, or at least issue strong warnings about, mercury fillings. Many experts agree that when mercury fillings are present in the mouth, mercury vapor is, in fact, inhaled and absorbed into the body where it can cause neurological disorders, headaches, fatigue and other health problems. Some people may write these symptoms off as “normal aging”, but many of us may be dealing with long term exposure to toxins.

One of the most common side effects of mercury toxicity in the body is chronic or recurring headaches, which I myself deal with from time to time. These unexplained headaches have made me wonder if I, like many other people, should have all of my old fillings redone and replaced with the non-leeching, mercury-free composite material that many holistically-minded dentists use today. While I am not certain if my dental fillings are the source of my headaches — long hours at the computer, the stress of running a company and lack of sleep could certainly be the blame as well — I think I might rather be safe than sorry.

To make matters worse, most insurance companies will not pay for you to have your mercury fillings removed and replaced strictly on the basis of your concern about mercury toxicity. So despite the potential health risks, the cost can be prohibitive for many people.

What are your thoughts? Do you believe you have experienced health problems related to mercury fillings? Have you, or would you consider, having your fillings removed? Should insurance companies, or perhaps the makers of mercury fillings, be made to pay for this? Please post your comments below. I am very interested to read your views on this matter.

Josh Corn Joshua Corn – Editor-in-Chief
Josh is a health freedom advocate and veteran of the natural health industry. He has been actively involved in the natural health movement for over 15 years, and has been dedicated to the promotion of health, vitality, longevity and natural living throughout his career. Josh has successfully overcome several personal health challenges through natural means, and believes that sharing information can empower people to take control of their health so they can solve their own problems and live life to its fullest potential. Josh is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now. Additionally he serves as CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been formulating premium dietary supplements since 1995. Josh is currently working on his first book about natural health, and is gearing up to launch the Live in the Now radio show. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, animal lover and enjoys “living in the now” with his wife and two sons.

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39 responses to “The Scary Truth About Dentistry”

  1. I gave my testimony at the FDA hearings on Wednesday. I will include it here. nnI am Marie Flowers and am here today representing the 100,000 people who have contacted DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions over the past 20 years seeking help for mercury poisoning. nnI am a Coordinator for DAMS in Virginia and have the website I tell how my dentist poisoned my brain in 2001 when he partially drilled out only one mercury dental filling and let me breathe the mercury vapor. Nine days after my dentist drilled into the mercury filling my brain started vibrating violently inside my skull like it was trying to jump out, my brain was on fire, and I had electrical charges surging up and down my body. Neurologists call this Lu2019hermittes phenomena. I call it mercury hitting the brain. nnMany people who have contacted DAMS canu2019t be here today because some are too sick to come, some are at work trying to pay off all the thousands they spent on medical and dental bills. People spend thousands of dollars for dental restorations, and then find out they have to redo it all because it is so toxic it is making them ill. nnSome however, can no longer work, and are trying to get their disability. So these folks are too are too poor to come and then some are dead. nn*A young woman emailed me 5 years ago who was bedfast and her throat paralyzed, unable to speak. She was perfectly healthy until her dentist took out 12 mercury fillings without using any special precautions to keep her from breathing mercury vapor. In a short time she developed ALS, Lou Gerigu2019s Disease. She is now probably dead since these patients donu2019t live very long. nnPeople that have contacted me include:nn*A man who was unable to follow through with a dentist and holistic doctor and was so depressed from the effects of mercury he committed suicide.nn*A young college student in his 20u2019s who was losing his memory and struggled to stay up with other students. nn*A dental student in VA contacted me who was losing his ability to function. ntn*A registered nurse called to find out why she had severe heart palpitations after her dentist removed some fillings and the cardiologist couldnu2019t find out what the problem was.nnLeo Cashman, our executive director, spends all day, every day talking to people who have strange symptoms. He spoke to an instructor from a Community College in VA whose dentist had placed gold crowns over top of his mercury fillings. This combination of metals u2013gold, silver, zinc, tin and mercury acted like a battery in his mouth causing more mercury to leach out of the fillings. Though Rob initially improved after having his fillings removed, the damage was so severe he has had to retire prematurely from teaching because he developed Parkinsonu2019s Disease. nnWielders know you donu2019t mix certain metals together when wielding. Bridge builders know certain metals will weaken the other metal, but dentists donu2019t know this. Dentists mix metals in the mouth with mercury all the time, causing galvanic currents. nn(The following is from memory as I spoke extemporaneously. I donu2019t remember exactly what I said and will only know after the FDA posts the transcripts.)nnWhy should people have to call a housewife in Virginia to find out what happened to them in their dentistu2019s office? To find out they may have become poisoned?! nnYou dental professors! Why arenu2019t you teaching the dentists not to mix metals in peopleu2019s mouths? Why donu2019t you teach them not to mix mercury fillings with gold? If you go to the ADA website, they just call this mixture an allergy. nnAnd why arenu2019t you teaching them how to remove mercury fillings safely so that patients are not exposed to mercury vapor?! Why arenu2019t you teaching them so they wonu2019t expose themselves and their staff to mercury vapor?! nnIf you donu2019t know how to teach them, just call the IAOMT. They can help you!nnThank you. nnEnd of speech. nPlease contact DAMS at 651-644-4572 for an information packet and a list of safe biological dentists who use special equipment and protocols while taking out amalgam fillings. Do not have them removed by your regular dentist. It could be deadly!nnMarie FlowersnDAMS Coordinator in Virginia

    • Latterreign68 says:

      Hi,My name is Dawn. I have several amalgam mercury fillings topped with gold and am having a real problem with memory. My doctor says I have to remove the mercury fillings fand some how rid my self of the mercury in my body for my health. I need a dentist who will safely remove them and replace the fillings them with less toxic materials.

      • Marie Flowers says:

        If you will contact DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions, Leo Cashman can put you in touch with a dentist QUALIFIED to remove the crown and get the fillings out without harming you further. Leo will send you an info packet and counsel you in your decisions. He is excellent at guiding people through this process.

        The number is 651-644-4572. He was poisoned and has a science background.

        Marie Flowers
        DAMS in Virgnia

    • Dear Marie,

      I just want to thank you for your hard work and passion for this issue, and your concern for all of those affected by it. Testifying in front the of the FDA is both time consuming and stressful. You did a lot of people a great service by doing this.

      • Josh,
        Thank you so much for opening up this forum and allowing us to post. When I saw your site’s very visible presence on google news when I searched for news about the FDA hearings, I knew this was a place to share with others. And the title of this article “The Scary Truth…” was excellent.

        Thank you again.

        Marie Flowers

  2. Dental amalgam is documented to be the largest source of mercury in most who have amalgam fillings by hundreds of thousands of medical lab tests: many are not aware that due to the high exposure of those with amalgams, the average level of mercury excreted into sewers daily by those with several fillings is 30 micrograms per day, making amalgam the largest source of mercury in sewers and sewer sludge(dangerous levels) and a major source in water bodies, fish, etc. Over 50% of U.S. water bodies have Gov’t health warnings for high levels of mercury in fish.

  3. Karenburnsdotcom says:

    It makes me so angry to read this remark from the EPA. I was a dental assistant for 24 yrs. I was never protected on my job. Needless to say I have total Mercury Poisoning. I suffer from Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Hypothyroidism, Kidney Stones, Migraine Headaches. Eczema, Brain Fog, Food Allergies. Hormonal Dis function and a couple of other things. Ive been sick since I was 38 yrs old. I am 50 and sometimes look forward to the day I dont wake up, because that is the day I wont be sick anymore. I paid to have my siver fillings removed, And I paid Thousand and thousands of dollars for chealation to have the mercury removed from my body. One third has been removed but I ran out of money and veins for the IV treatment. So as you could imagine I do think that this should be covered under my health insurance. You probably think it would be covered from workers compensation well thats another story. After 24 yrs of being in rooms with mercury, working unprotected. The Judge at workers comp court in Brooklyn asked if I ate Tuna I said no, and she said that I could not prove I got all this mercury from my job. So I am pretty much done…..what do others think??????.

  4. Lindabrocato says:

    I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1981. 3 hospitalizations, 8 different medications including oral and intravenous chemotherapy for MS, experimental Plasmaphoresis, bedridden for 10 years, slurred speech and dying. I had my dental amalgam mercury “silver” fillings removed and guess what? All symptoms gradually disappeared, NO medication, NO relapses, NO symptoms, except this left me in a wheelchair! Improvement started to happen 2 weeks after all amalgam fillings were removed. Prior to mercury dental removal I had 1 to 3 relapses per year and haven’t had 1 relapse since 1989.nnI have been in contact with people since 1996 regarding their symptoms of mercury toxicity. The diseases encompass a wide range of symptoms from autoimmunity to heart problems etc. Unfortunately, some symptoms like mine manifest later in life. According to Dr. Boyd Haley, former Professor and Chair of Chemistry at the University of Kentucky and renowned toxicologist, says there are NO SAFE LEVELS OF MERCURY.nnAmalgams contain 50% mercury, a poison and a neuro-toxin. A cross and skull bones with the word poison are on the label when the mercury comes into the dentists’ office. Mercury vapors are released 24/7 every time a person chews, drinks hot liquids, brushs their teeth, etc. See “The Smoking Teeth” at denial is everywhere let the manufacturers determine if “mercury” is safe and that should end the discussion of safety vs. non-safety!nnIt’s your decision.nnLinda BrocatonDAMS-ILnConsumers for Dental Choice Washington D.C.

  5. Mercury Free says:

    It has taken a few years for me to recover from the 13 mercury fillings drilled into my mouth, as well as botched root canal which left mercury and other debris lodged in my jaw. It took numerous dental and detoxification procedures to restore my health. I was shocked when the dentist told me that both my extracted tooth and the debris dwelling under it had to be sent for the Centers for Disease Control. I wondered why it was in my mouth to begin with. Although having mercury fillings placed results in toxic exposures, the public also needs to be aware that removing them can be likewise dangerous. Lots of research needs to be done to help people free themselves from mercury toxicity, but I know personally that it’s possible…

  6. HgTruth says:

    In aligning with industry the actions of FDA and EPA, are unconscionable. Public safety is compromised directly and indirectly by the the toxins reaching drinking water. The fish are ingesting what is released form human waste, as well dental offices. Oral history is treated as though it is not related to overall health, so physicians and dentists don’t engage in mutual efforts of patient care. nThe systemic failures of FDA to protect public health, in the matter of dental amalgam is even more egregious when one considers US Supreme Court granted preemption to medical product manufacturers. Suggesting that FDA’s approval is so highly regarded that product safety must be adequate. Profit over proof of safety is the mantra, in the case of dental amalgam.

  7. Bob Jones says:

    There is no safe limit of mercury in the human body. It has decidedly been determined by the W.H.O. that a full 80% burden in our bodies comes from MERCURY amalgam. What is strange about this is the lawyers involved never want to discuss the synergistic effect on mercury from toxins generated by Root /Canal teeth or any avital tooth as they are all infected and excrete extremely toxic substances and when combined to the mercury from amalgams turns the toxic combination up to 800 times more toxic than the mercury alone. This is one reason why we see the different reactions in different people. Also the difference in each persons difficulty in ability to detox can be explained in the inhibition of the 250- 260 series of proteins that become inhibited both by mercury and the R/C toxins. Stage 1 and Stage 2 levels of detox when shut down by toxic inhibition destroy that persons ability to readily detox mercury. I have been doing clinical research on this for the past 18 years dedicated to dental toxin inhibition of key proteins in the cellular and lecture on these frequently at Dental/Medical conferences. nWhat we are witnessing is a blatant conspiracy by the FDA, ADA and the AMA to distort the proven facts and promote their own profits, yes including the FDA. In my opinion one of the most corrupted Agencies in the Federal Government. Signed Bob Jones

  8. Shazar says:

    I totally agree that mercury fillings are dangerous and it is about time that all the authorities and the so called regulatory bodies did their job and regulated against the use of this toxic material. Not only that they need to also examine the practice of implants, and root canal therapy teeth.. I use a health screening device called the Avatar and in my work very often encounter high levels of stress in the body in relation to ill advised dental work.

  9. Beckydutton says:

    nnIt is abundantly clear from research that mercury is a toxic substance and that exposure to this can precipitate or aggravate numerous adverse health effects.nn nnThe mercury levels in people with amalgam fillings ARE high enough to be considered toxic. Concentrations as low as 0.03mcg/m3 have induced psychiatric symptoms in humans.nn nnHow can mercury, which is recognised as the worldu2019s third most TOXIC substance known to science, suddenly become safe once inside a mouth? Mercury vapour is continuously released from amalgam fillings and the rate of release is enhanced by chewing, tooth brushing, amalgam polishing and by hot food and hot drinks. nn nn nnThe latest report from the EC states that u201cthe largest source of mercury exposure for most people in developed countries is inhalation of mercury vapour from dental amalgams.u201dnn nnNorway banned mercury, including dental amalgam from January 1st 2008 (with two exceptions) and Swedenu2019s ban took effect from 1 June 2009. Denmark has announced intentions to do the same. Why would three countries ban dental amalgam if it were a safe dental material? People finally understand that mercury is a poison and that 80% of inhaled mercury vapour from dental amalgam fillings is retained by the human body.nnAmalgam must be considered to be an unsuitable material for dental restorations. This is especially true since fully adequate and less toxic alternatives are available. Mercury-free alternatives for dentistry exist and research has shown that composite alternative fillings are 200 times safer than amalgam.nnEach tooth with an average amalgam filling contains between one half to three quarters of a gram of mercury i.e. between 0.5 to 0.75 grams of mercury. Most people have between 6 to 12 amalgams fillings in their mouths which amount to 3 to 4 grams of mercury. It is a known fact that mercury crosses the placenta to the foetus; this is because mercury vapour is fat soluble and will penetrate the placental membrane. In one study researchers found a significant correlation between maternal mercury-blood levels and mercury-blood levels in the newborn infant.nn nnRecent studies of former dental assistants have consistently found harm to their reproductive capacity from handling dental amalgam. nn nn nnIn 2004 I was diagnosed with chronic mercury toxicity and a high body burden of mercury from running a dental surgery in the 1970u2019s. Unfortunately, I was allowed to handle mercury without any protection; mask, gloves or proper ventilation and throughout my pregnancy. My daughter underwent surgery to correct her curved spine which was caused by a neurological condition. I firmly believe this was the result of her exposure to mercury in my womb. nn nnMost people are not aware that the u201csilver-greyu201d fillings in their mouths contain 50% mercury. Isnu2019t it time we stopped using an antiquated filling material when there are far safer alternatives available?nn nnKind Regards,nn nn nnRebecca Dutton, former UK dental nurse.nn nn nnu2018Mercury Madnessu2019 Patient Support nn nn

    • Rebecca,

      Thank you for your comment. Your remark about Norway and Sweden’s ban of mercury amalgams reminds me of the toxin, bisphenol A (BPA). Earlier this year, Canada became the first country to declare this extremely hazardous substance “toxic.” The use of BPA in baby bottles is currently banned ONLY in Canada the European Union. Meanwhile, here in the U.S. there have been some voluntary actions by the industry, but our government has been slow to respond so far. I really wish our country was more forward thinking when it comes to the health of its citizens.

      Some historians say that it was, in fact, lead poisoning that led to the demise of the Roman Empire. Might some environmental toxin someday do the same to us?

  10. How are we going to MAKE insurance companies pay for non amalgam fillings?

    The reason some insurance companies won’t pay for non mercury fillings is because they consider the non mercury fillings just a matter of cosmetics. Cosmetic dentists advertise they can make your mouth look prettier, but usually do not advertise the mercury fillings are a danger to the patient.

    The dental boards have made sure dentists’ advertisements emphasise only the cosmetics of the issue and not the dangers. In the past dental boards have fined and disciplined dentists who DARED to advetise the amalgams were toxic, or say “For the past 10 years I have not placed amalgam fillings, since they cause toxic buildup of mercury in the blood stream and cause teeth to crack.”

    One dentist in VA was dragged before the dental board in Richmond for this very statement, and accused of “claiming to be superior” to other dentists. He and his wife, also a dentist, were fined for fraud and making claims of superiority.

    Until organized dentistry admits there is harm from amalgam fillings the insurance companies will continue to say the amalgam fillings are good enough.

    To see more on how dentists have been gagged and disciplined in the past go to

    You can read actual transcripts of dentists’ disciplinary actions before the VA Board of Dentistry.

  11. Don Dillard says:

    have had chronic fatigue since beginning feb 2009…. conventional doctors can`t find anything wrong with me….. had a tooth removed late 2008 that had a filling & part of tooth broke away….not long after that i started losing energy & eventually becoming very fatigued….i believe that the companies responsible for mercury materials should be held responsible… doctor won`t have tests performed on me for mercury…..he should be held partially responsible also… d.r.d.

    • Marie Flowers says:

      Mainstream doctors do not not how to test, diagnose or treat mercury poisoning from amalgam fillings because their medical journals discount the dangers.

      There are doctors belonging to the organizations below who MAY know how to diagnose and treat this condition, BUT some of them are too agressive in their approach and may hurt you. So it is very important to get the info packet from DAMS.

      Try doctors belonging to these groups:

      If you find a safe biological dentist, he may be able to recommend a doctor who works with him

      You must do your homework to make all these decisions. And mercury is very difficult to test for, especially if you retain mercury and don’t release it. If not released it won’t show up in urine tests, and blood tests are not that great.

      DAMS has a recent article on testing. Contact Leo and he can send it to you.

      Even Integrative health doctors listed in the links above may not be up on the lastest testing methods.

  12. Cindy Lea Sambueso says:

    Glutathione is a natural source for ridding the body of unwanted toxins and chemicals. Some dentists will recommend a glutathione IV to help safely rid the body of heavy metals acquired from fillings. I have an Autistic nephew that has gone through the IV drips a few years ago.

    Carnosine is healthy support for brain function.

    I am finding wonderful results for myself, family and friends with the Lifewave Glutathione & Carnosine products. I am 50 years old and want to be healthy and active “minded” to enjoy my future grandkids. I been using this product for 8 months now and see a difference in my arthritis pain, more energy, clearer thinking, and staying healthy during the flu season. I have also noticed a difference in my skin.

    We have Autism, ADHD & Cancer in our family. We are open to natural and healthy products that support our immune systems and move us to better health.

    To you in Good Health,

    Cindy Sambueso

  13. William says:

    I had my mercury fillings removed and replaced with safer ones. The more one can reduce mercury exposure, the better. Also, remember to turn in your compact flourescent light bulbs (CFLs) rather than just throw them away, because they contain mercury vapor. Your garbage and recycling collecting company offers a way to do this.

  14. Rod says:

    It is hard to add to the very thorough dissertation on this blog, but I would like to offer a couple items that I don’t think have been covered.

    First, I think it is important to understand what the American Dental Association is. At the turn of the 20th century the mainline dentists would not use mercury amalgams because of the health hazards. There was another group of dentists who were in disrepute because they did and could deliver fillings at a much lower cost than the mainline dentists.

    This smaller group formed the American Dental Association to protect themselves from legal threats and promote mercury amalgams. Eventually, the mainline group was overwhelmed by the power of the other group acting in concert through the ADA and disappeared pretty much.

    I say pretty much because there is a group of dentists that call themselves biological dentists that do not use mercury amalgams and are skilled in removing these amalgams. The way to tell whether you have the right person is to ask in advance if he/she uses a rubber dam when removing mercury amalgams.

    Another word of caution, certain composite fillings can be toxic to certain individuals. The good biological dentists will test you to see if you are allergic to any of the chemicals in the plastic fillings.

    Finally, if you are thinking of having your mercury amalgams removed, you need to understand a few things. As has been mentioned by others, it is expensive and at best only partially covered by insurance. Also, some people have built antibodies against the mercury and are effectively handling fighting the ill effects of this poison. Ironically, if this is the case, you can actually do more harm than good by removing them without a separate reason like a cracked filling.

    There was a single lab that was testing for this antibody. But the FDA suspended their ability to do the test although I believe they have now regained authorization to continue doing them.

    If you are serious about having mercury fillings removed, you definitely need to read Hal Huggins first book, I believe its title is It’s all in your Head. He stresses the need to have the fillings removed in the correct order and limit the number removed in a given time period.

    Hope this helps,


    • Rod,

      Thanks for adding some unique insight into the matter. I didn’t know the background history on the ADA. Very interesting. The point you made about building up antibodies to mercury is also very interesting. Are there any links you can share with our readers that provide more information about this? I’ll also ask one of my staff writers to do some research. Again, thank you.

      • Marie Flowers says:

        You can see Dr. Steven Markus who testified before FDA hearings December 14-15th. He goes into some of the history of amalgam fillings.

        He has several speakers under his name Cent4Dent.

        If you do a search on YouTube using these search words (FDA hearings 2010 amalgam mercury fillings) you will see speeches that have been posted already.

        mercurymatters is also posting speeches since she recorded the hearings.

        Marie Flowers
        DAMS, Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions.

  15. Guest says:

    Can you tell us how to safely and effectively remove the mercury amalgams on your next article?

    • Marie Flowers says:

      The IAOMT’s website and


      has written material and videos on how fillings should be safely removed. Dr. Kennedy, past president of the IAOMT, International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology, has many videos on line and has worked for 29 years to try to ban amalgam fillings.

      The blog has the greatest info for removal. Dentists are not taught these protocols and use of proper equipment in dental schools because the standards of care are so low due to the American Dental Association’s influence on the dental schools. After all if they told dentists to put on masks like those worn in mines, people would wonder why are they using a materials that requires this amount of caution.

      But miner’s masks are one thing dentists are taught to use by the IAOMT. And they also look out for the patient with the IAOMT protocols of mercury removal.

      However, NOT all dentists listed on the IAOMT website are safe, as the organization does not police them to make sure they are actually following the protocols. So that is why you need to study this issue and know what the dentist should be doing to protect you.

      DAMS tries to screen our lists of dentists and Leo takes them off the list if he has bad reports about them. Some of the DAMS dentist belong to the IAOMT and some belong to other holistic dental organizations.

      Marie Flowers
      DAMS Coordinator in VA

  16. Bruce says:

    I am amazed that people, including Josh Corn, have not taken mercury fillings more serious. First of, silver amalgam fillings are/were 55% mercury. Usually in the scientific community, anything over 50% IS the main ingredient; therefore these should be called ‘mercury amalgams’. Everytime you eat and chew food you release mercury atoms into your digestive system. 250 million Americans are at risk of mercury poisoning from amalgams. Removal is of utmost importance to your health; however they must be removed correctly or your body will suffer more toxidity. I had mine removed at Sanoviv and immediately felt better. Did I feel better psycologically or physically? I don’t know. My health is very good. I believe the removal of the fillings and chelation therapy for removal of heavy metals is responsible for my health. bruce

  17. Mary Ann says:

    Thanks for sharing the truth about the dangers of mercury dental fillings. There has been a lot of great comments from people injured by mercury fillings and then recovered after properly removing mercury fillings and removing mercury from their bodies. In 1995, I got sick and I personally recovered after properly removing my fillings and detoxing mercury from my body. I was thrilled that many of my other health issues like restless legs, dry skin and a re-occuring rash on my face went away after a few months of detoxing.

    I think it is important for your readers to know that mercury amalgam dental material is hazardous substance when it comes into a dental office and any old mercury amalgam dental fillings or mercury amalgam scrap that the dentist can’t put into a dental consumer’s mouth is treated as hazardous waste when it is removed from the dental office. No dentist can throw mercury amalgam down a sink or toss in the trash – it is a hazardous substance.

    So say no to mercury amalgam dental fillings because they are not safe in your mouth. This is an important message to share with family and friends. If you go to a dentist that still uses mercury amalgam dental fillings, please consider changing and supporting a mercury free and mercury safe dentist that will not place use mercury amalgam in any of his/her patients.

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  21. Rckpak says:

    Dear Josh Corn & Live in the Now –

    I have had mercury-silver amalgam fillings since I was about 11 years old. I’m now 73.

    My dad was a dentist, and I remember “polishing” dimes with mercury on occasion when I visited him in his office. I have never had any problems with these “temporary” fillings, or experienced any neurological symptoms.

    However, I had a co-worker when I lived in San Antonio, Texas, who had lots of pyscological problems, and later heard from a friend that the problems were traced to his amalgam fillings.

    In fact another co-worker who had previously worked for a paint company told me a story about a researcher who, after he took his life, was discovered to have a puddle of mercury in the corner of his lab. It has been know for a long time that mercury vapors are a hazzard, and that is why most states inspect dentist’s offices for mercury, or at least did when most dentists still used amalgam for temporary fillings. It wasn’t out of concern for the patient, but rather for the dentist’s and his staff’s health. I do know of at least one dentist who took his life many years ago.

    However, when I recently had an old inferior plastic filling replaced it was with an amalgam filling. The dentist said that a very extensive study over the past couple of decades has exhonorated the amalgam fillings. I beleive this to be the case. There is no reason for dentists who have mostly switched to plastic fillings over the past couple of decades to switch back except for providing better care with the superior material. Of course, gold inlays are usually preferred, but much more expensive today. My experience is that the amalgam fillings are just as good.

    Properly fabricated amalgam fillings pose no health risk !

    However, improperly fabricated amalgam fillings (those with too little silver ) may well leach out some mercury. I think that this may be responsible for my Taiwanese co-worker’s problems. Why might a dentist fabricate an amalgam filling with too little silver. Perhaps it was to stretch his silver supply, or just improper training.

    If you go to a reputable dentist, you shouldn’t have any worry.

    I am not a dentist. My dad was a great (“painless”) dentist. So is my current dentist.

    Ron K.

  22. Fred Sitzler says:

    50 years ago I had all my Amalgam fillings removed. Non of my dentists I have used from that time on
    did use any Almalgam in fillings. I hope all dentists insist of removing all remaining fillings from their
    customers !!.
    Fred Sitzler Hanover,PA

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  27. Mary says:

    I had 2 teeth implants put in 1 year ago I had already 7 in there was amalgan under one of the implants and a load of metal as well in my mouth. When I got the last 2 implants in I got iritis in my eyes. I have never been right since in and out to casualty with my eyes can you email back you might be able to help me. I get headaches all the time, pains in my knees on and off and now starting to give pains in my left arms it feels like circulation. doctors not helping me at all here in Ireland please dont publish see if you can help me.

  28. bellasue says:

    I worked for a dentist and both he and the assistant have headaches, allergies, rashes and other symptoms of mercury toxicity. There is no regulation on amalgam removal so most dentist just grind away sending vapor in the air and amalgam down the drain. The amalgam company should pay for replacement by a holistic dentist as they did not consider the side effects of mercury. There should be more regulation on their removal