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This Juice Can Reduce Menopausal Symptoms Significantly


article1810 can take quite a toll on a woman’s health, as it involves much more than the discomfort of hot flashes. However, many are reluctant to take hormone replacement therapy (HRT) because of its associated risks. So what’s a girl to do?

Scientists in Tokyo have come to the rescue. They have found drinking two glasses of tomato juice per day can significantly ease menopausal symptoms.

Sound the trumpets and proclaim the good news from the housetops. This is an incredibly welcome discovery to menopausal and postmenopausal women who are suffering from its myriad of adverse effects. I personally tried this and was delighted to notice an immediate improvement.

Tomato Juice Halved the Incidence of Some Symptoms

In the study from Tokyo Medical University, 93 menopausal women drank 200 ml, which equates to about 7 ounces, twice a day for eight weeks. Researchers evaluated them using the Menopausal Symptom Scale, Athens Scale and Hospital and Depression Scale at the study period’s onset, midway point and conclusion. They also monitored the women’s heart rate, and resting energy expenditure, along with glucose and cholesterol

While the tomato juice didn’t improve some of the health parameters that were assessed, it reduced overall symptoms considerably. In fact, the incidence of hot flashes, anxiety and irritability were almost halved. In addition, blood fat levels declined and the women burned more calories when at rest, which is a benefit that could reduce the weight gain that often accompanies the change of life.

Why Did the Tomato Juice Help?

Previous studies indicate some in tomato juice like gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) have an action similar to estrogen. Yet the scientists said the positive results were due a summation of the beneficial effects of several within the juice rather than those of GABA alone. Aside from GABA, tomatoes contain lycopene, esculeoside A, and 13-oxo-ODA, all of which offer advantages.

Prior research on lycopene suggests its oxidative effects decrease , and mental disorders. An earlier study on the compound esculeoside A found it might decrease triglycerides and cholesterol, as well as reduce the severity of atherosclerotic lesions. Research on the compound 13-oxo-ODA showed it might also lower triglycerides.

What Are the Effects of Menopause?

The reduction in estrogen production has a profound effect on a woman’s body. Symptoms include hot flashes, fluid retention, impaired , mood swings, thinning bones, poor digestion, lack of libido, hair loss and weight gain. Women are also at higher risk of , cardiovascular disease, and cholesterol disorders.

Tomato Juice as an Alternative to HRT

Although HRT can relieve menopausal symptoms, the drugs come with a hefty price – an increased risk of stroke, heart disease, breast and blood clots. Conversely, tomato juice has side benefits instead of adverse side effects. If the women in the study enjoyed almost a 50 percent reduction in menopausal symptoms by drinking two 7-ounce glasses of tomato juice per day, perhaps you would benefit even more if you drank three 7-ounce glasses per day. This is a completely safe approach to dealing with the havoc menopause wages on a woman’s health.


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3 responses to “This Juice Can Reduce Menopausal Symptoms Significantly”

  1. Suzy says:

    Would V-8 juice work as well?

    • Holly says:

      I would guess YES as long as the veges/fruits are NOT genetically modified.

      I would call the companies first to see about their ingredients. Even one gmo vege would ruin an entire batch.

      There may be some organic tomato juices sold? Even these would need to be verified.

      Good luck!

      • Bobbie says:

        GMO would be a problem, but how about the metal can it’s in? You are drinking metal when you drink tomato juice out of a can. You would have to grow your own heirloom tomatoes and juice yourself.