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This Diet Trick Reverses Type 2 Diabetes


Data presented at the 2017 European Association for the Study of Diabetes revealed some incredible news: Type 2 diabetes can be reversible for up to 10 years after the onset of the condition!

The new research has found that the underlying cause of type 2 diabetes is the build up of excess fat in both liver and pancreas. In particular, excess fat in the pancreas causes insulin-producing beta cells to fail.

However, losing less than a single gram of fat from the pancreas can restart the normal production of insulin and even help reverse type 2 diabetes.

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Is Your Liver Crying Out for Help?

Let’s face it: No matter how hard you try to eat healthy and live well, these days you just can’t avoid all of the harmful in the air you breathe, the water you drink and the soil your food is grown in.

So chances are your liver is over-worked and struggling to do its job. If you don’t take action now, your health could continue seriously suffer.

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The question, then, is how do you go about losing fat in the pancreas and liver?

Calorie-Restricted Can Restart Insulin Production

Researchers placed 30 people with type 2 diabetes on calorie-restricted diet, limiting calories to 600-700 daily. The diet consisted of three diet shakes per day along with 240 grams of non-starchy vegetables for eight weeks.

Then, the volunteers gradually returned to eating normal food with very careful instructions on how much to eat. They also participated in an individualized weight maintenance program over the following six months, which included modest calorie restriction and increased daily physical activity.

Within just seven days of starting the very low calorie diet, liver fat decreased, insulin sensitivity improved and fasting blood glucose normalized. By the eighth week, fat content in the pancreas declined and normal first phase insulin secretion was re-established.

Study author Professor Roy Taylor said that this is good news for people with type 2 diabetes. “Our work shows that even if you have had the condition for 10 years, you are likely to be able to reverse it by moving that all important tiny amount of fat out of the pancreas. At present, this can only be done through substantial weight loss.”

Keep the Weight Off and You Can Stay Diabetes-Free

One of the most notable discoveries brought by this study is that even though the patients lost an average of 33 pounds, they were still overweight or obese at the end of the study.

However, enough weight was lost to remove excess fat out of the pancreas and stabilize insulin production. This normal persisted, as long as the weight was not regained.

“This supports our theory of a Personal Fat Threshold,” noted Professor Taylor. “If a person gains more weight than they personally can tolerate, then diabetes is triggered, but if they then lose that amount of weight then they go back to normal.”

The bottom line, he concluded, is that if a person really wants to get rid of their Type 2 diabetes, they can lose weight, keep it off and return to normal.


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Dana Nicholas is a freelance writer and researcher in the field of natural and alternative healing. She has over 20 years of experience working with many noted health authors and anti- professionals, including James Balch, M.D., Dr. Linda Page, “Amazon” John Easterling and Al Sears M.D. Dana’s goal is to keep you up-to-date on information, news and breakthroughs that can have a direct impact on your health, your quality of life… and your lifespan. “I’m absolutely convinced that America’s misguided trust in mainstream medicine – including reliance on the government to regulate our food and medicine supply – is killing us, slowly but surely,” she cautions. “By sharing what I’ve learned throughout the years I hope I can empower others to take control over their own health.”

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