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Urinary Tract Relief That Starts in Hours


Half of women never experience urinary tract problems. They’re the lucky ones!

The other half of us know the misery far too well!

The burning sensation when urinating…the intense urges to go…the discomfort in your lower abdomen…the low-grade fever and fatigue…and sometimes even the lack of control — ugh.

It’s a Struggle to Just Get Through the Day

If you’re like most women, you don’t want to get caught on the medication treadmill every time these symptoms strike.

And letting these flare-ups just “run their course” isn’t an option either. You have a life to live!

Most of us prefer natural relief and prevention. That’s why cranberry juice sales have gone through the roof, even though for most, drinking a sugar-laden juice blend is neither a quick or particularly effective solution. You have to drink a lot to get even mild relief, and all that sugar can cause all sorts of harmful and uncomfortable consequences. Even worse, many cranberry juices are sweetened with health-destroying, high-fructose corn syrup.

If Old-Fashioned Cranberry Juice Doesn’t Do the Trick, What Will?

My name is Dr. Erin Kinney. I’m a Naturopathic Physician and Women’s Health Editor for the Live in the Now newsletter, one of the fastest-growing natural health publications in the nation.

Like so many healthcare providers today, I’m committed to using safe, natural solutions for common health problems whenever possible…and especially for those pesky urinary tract problems so many women have to deal with!

So how “common” are urinary tract problems? At least half of all women experience at least one flare-up during their lifetime.[1] And the really disturbing part, according to multiple studies, is that up to 60% of these women will experience a recurrence within a year.[2,3]

That’s why I’m so happy to share the news about this new natural solution — one that delivers fast-acting relief from symptoms as well as long-lasting support to keep them from coming back.

I’ve seen firsthand the rapid and lasting relief it has provided for my patients. So I now consider it…

My “Go-To” Superstar for Women’s Urinary Health and Function

What make this breakthrough solution so effective?

It starts with a little-known compound found in cranberries — just like the unique antioxidants that made cranberry juice so frequently recommended in the first place.

Multiple clinical studies have demonstrated its power to help:[3-7]

√ Ease the burning urination and discomfort of UT flare-ups

√ Fend off the bacterial cause behind 95% of common urinary health problems

√ Maintain healthy urination, day-in and day-out

√ Support lasting bladder and urinary system health at any age

√ Start to work in 6 hours or less

√ Significantly reduce your risk of recurrence

Isn’t That Exactly What We’ve Been Looking For? You Bet It Is!

If you have ever suffered (or are currently suffering) from urinary tract problems, you know how vital it is to get both rapid and long-lasting relief.

The UT solution I recommend starts with a unique compound called D-mannose, a naturally occurring six-carbon sugar that is not only found in cranberries, but also in peaches, apples and other berries.

How does this urinary tract relief breakthrough work?

Simple: D-mannose is extraordinarily effective at helping to prevent the bacteria that causes 95% of all urinary tract issues from attaching to your bladder wall. That’s when your problems begin. Instead, the disabled bacteria get flushed harmlessly out of your body with normal urination.

It’s like throwing handcuffs on a thief robbing you of urinary tract comfort and showing him the door. Good riddance!

Research carried out at Northwestern University Medical School and the University of Brussels has shown that D-mannose does indeed have an exceptional anti-adhesion ability to block urinary tract bacteria from settling in.[4,5]

And another great thing about taking D-mannose is that your body metabolizes only a tiny amount of it, so it doesn’t affect your blood sugar metabolism like other sugars do.

Instead, virtually all of it ends up in your urine — which is exactly where you want it to be.

Lasting Protection Against Repeat UT Issues

The results of the first major double-blind, placebo-controlled study on D-mannose are truly impressive.

More than 300 women with recurring urinary problems were invited to participate. One group received 2,000 mg of D-mannose daily, a second group received a commonly recommended medication, and the third group received a placebo.

A full 60% of the placebo group suffered the situation we all dread — a recurrence within 6 months. There’s nothing more exasperating.

In contrast, only 15% of the women in the D-mannose group had a recurrence in that time frame. So those in the D-mannose group were four times less likely to have a recurrence![3]

And Here’s What Clinches It For Me…

Surprisingly, the D-mannose group had even better results than the group that was given the solution most mainstream doctors recommend. And without ANY side effects.

You’re probably thinking what I was thinking: It works better and without side effects? Why haven’t I been told about this?

Before you race off to the nearest Women’s Health aisle for D-mannose, though, please keep reading.

Because while D-mannose impressively reduced the rate of urinary tract issue recurrence — even better than the solution most doctors recommend — there’s another amazing advance you need to know about that can deliver the relief you crave even faster!

A Cranberry Breakthrough That Provides Relief in 6 Hours or Less

D-mannose is not the only part of cranberries that help with urinary tract issues. Cranberries also contain unique antioxidants that have powerful anti-adhesion properties of their own.[6] They’re called type-A proanthocyanidins, or PACs for short.

But again, here’s my big issue with cranberry juice: It’s loaded with sugar.

In fact, a 10-ounce glass of cranberry juice has 30 grams of fructose. That’s 7 ½ teaspoons of sugar. Yikes!

And this kind of sugar feeds the bad bacteria instead of thwarting them. In fact, the sugar in cranberry juice may actually work to counteract the beneficial effects of all its PACs.

The better cranberry solution lies with a breakthrough extract which concentrates the entire berry including the skin, juice, flesh and seed — not just the juice like most ordinary cranberry extracts. As a result…

You Get the “Full Package” of Cranberry Phytonutrients — Without the Unwanted Sugar

In one study at Rutgers University, a daily serving of this unique cranberry extract containing 2 mg of PACs worked as effectively to prevent bacterial adhesion as a daily 10-ounce glass of cranberry juice, while providing relief that started in 6 hours or less. And its anti-adhesion results lasted longer than the juice’s, increasing even after 24 hours![7]

Another study enrolled 176 women who had at least two urinary tract episodes within the last year. Half were given this specific cranberry extract daily with 3 mg of the active PACs — and that group had 58% fewer recurrences than the placebo group. [8]

That’s real support for urinary health!

So, you can see why this proprietary cranberry extract and D-mannose have both jumped to the top of my list for urinary relief and support. They can work wonders to help solve one of the most aggravating health problems you can face.

Amazing 1-2 Punch for Relieving Urinary Tract Issues

When women ask me which one I would try first, I don’t hesitate to answer: Why choose when you can take both!

Together, they are an extraordinarily powerful “tag-team” to knock out urinary tract issues quickly and prevent them from coming back.

Both are clinically shown to ease urinary tract symptoms for women of all ages.[3,8]

Both help your urinary system stay healthy, with anti-adhesion powers that keep bad bacteria at bay.[3,8]

Each has a different mechanism of action, so they work together like a “1-2 punch” to keep your defenses strong.[4,6]

And today, I’m happy to say, both can be found together in a single, convenient supplement.

It’s called UT Protect™ from a company called Stop Aging Now, a leading U.S. provider of premium-quality supplements for over 20 years.

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get UT Protect for as low as $14.95 a bottle — with free shipping. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal. Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

Get Research-Based Doses of Both with UT Protect

Each daily serving of UT Protect provides 1,000 mg of D-Mannose along with 200 mg of PACran®, the proprietary cranberry extract that contains the same 3 mg dose of PACs used in the impressive clinical study I just cited above.

Stop Aging Now made sure this formula meets your needs:

√ Fast-acting symptom relief when you feel problems coming on, and

√ Powerful nutritional support to keep them from coming back

Just two small capsules daily is the recommendation for maintenance support. That will help your urinary tract stay healthy and problem-free, day-in and day-out.

But should you feel even the slightest telltale twinge of urinary tract issues, you can take up to four capsules daily to fight back fast. That’s therapeutic strength—and it starts acting within hours after you take it.

This “use as needed” flexibility is just one of UT Protect’s big advantages.

For a limited time you can try UT Protect risk-free for as low as $14.95 for a full month’s supply, plus get free shipping.

Here Are Five More Reasons Why UT Protect Stands Above Other Urinary Health Formulas

There’s no shortage of cranberry juice extracts and urinary health supplements on the market today. I urge you to shop carefully and compare before you buy anything. The more you learn, the more you’ll appreciate UT Protect as I, and so many of my patients, already do.
Here’s what stands out to me:

1.Superior-Grade, Natural Ingredients: Stop Aging Now always uses premium ingredients. You can be sure the PACran® and D-mannose used in UT Protect are unsurpassed in quality and potency — unlike the generic extracts used in other urinary health formulas.

2. Doctor-Approved Research Levels: The optimal serving sizes of each ingredient make it a simple call for me to recommend UT Protect to any woman seeking natural urinary health support. You can easily get the full research doses of both D-mannose and PACran® on a daily basis.

3. Quality You Can Trust: UT Protect is made in Stop Aging Now’s own FDA-inspected facility located in Florida under stringent quality control processes to ensure 100% purity and potency. So you can take it with complete confidence.

4. Affordability: UT Protect is amazingly affordable — as low as $14.95 for a one-month supply. That’s a small price to pay for a premium-quality solution that provides such powerful help for urinary health issues. Plus it ships to you for FREE.

5. The Best Guarantee in the Business: If you have any hesitation whatsoever, this should clinch it for you. If you find that UT Protect isn’t working for you, you can get all of your money back!

For a limited time, Live in the Now readers can get UT Protect for as low as $14.95 a bottle — with free shipping. I encourage you to take advantage of this great deal.

Click here to take advantage of this special offer.

Scientific References:

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Dr. Kinney, owner of KinnCare Inc. is a practicing Naturopathic Doctor who specializes in caring for patients suffering from anxiety, depression, gastro-intestinal disorders, hormonal imbalances and adrenal fatigue. Using personalized diet, lifestyle modification, genetic testing and counseling, homeopathic remedies, and herbal medicine, she is able to balance and boost the body’s natural regenerative capacity and help her patients overcome disease. She received a bachelor of arts from Vanderbilt University and is a summa cum laude graduate of the University of Bridgeport College of Naturopathic Medicine (UBCNM). Dr. Kinney is currently vice president of the Maryland Naturopathic Doctors Association and an active member of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She enjoys running, yoga, reading, and spending time with her husband and 2 little girls. For more information about her practice visit or follow her on facebook.

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