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Video: Girl’s Science Project Reveals a Shocking Difference Between Organic and Conventional Sweet Potatoes


sweet-potato-experiment This adorable young girl set out to conduct a science experiment to find out how long it would take a sweet potato partially submerged in water to sprout green vines. What she discovered in the process is that conventional sweet potatoes won’t sprout vines at all, due to the fact that they are sprayed with an chemical known as Bud Nip, or chlorpropham, which is, per Wikipedia, “a plant growth regulator and herbicide used as a sprout suppressant.”

While some might argue that chlorpropham is perfectly safe for human consumption — it’s not classified as a carcinogen — this girl’s presentation offers a powerful visual explanation of why it’s probably something best avoided. I’m a strong believer in the idea that the fresher and more “alive” the food we consume is, the more it enhances our health and vitality. The sweet potato that was sprayed with chemicals appears dead and devitalized, whereas the the local and organic one seems to be full of life force that was just waiting to burst into green vines, or perhaps, to provide nourishment.

Share this video far and wide! It’s a must-watch for anyone who has doubts about the importance of choosing organic food.

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