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Fighting Fatigue? New Study Says Reach for This Supplement


We all wish we could get a boost of energy to fight fatigue throughout the day. Now, a new study shows that taking one supplement can offer up just that.

Best known for providing impressive heart health perks, coenzyme Q10 has been shown to help fight excessive inflammation, curb free radical damage and ward off memory trouble. And now we can add to this list, as researchers recently confirmed taking a daily coenzyme Q10 supplement (also known as CoQ10) can improve how tired you feel, and boost your physical performance during a workout.

CoQ10 Found to Boost Energy and Fight Fatigue

In a double blind study, a small group was given a placebo or a CoQ10 supplement of either 100 or 300 mg/d amounts over eight days. To test fatigue inducing activities, subjects performed workload trials on a stationary bike for two hour periods to test maximum velocity at the start of the physical task and at the end of the task.

Subjects who were given the 300 mg/d CoQ10 supplement had a higher change in maximum velocity at the start and finish of the trial than the placebo group. So how tired were they after the hard workout? Those taking the higher amounts of CoQ10 had 22 percent less fatigue than the placebo group.

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CoQ10 isn’t a fancy new drug or supplement. In fact, the first time it appeared on the scene was 1957, when scientists first discovered how the nutrient impacts cellular health, and it’s been a nutrient of great interest ever since.

The vitamin-like compound occurs naturally in every cell in the body, but production of it dramatically decreases after the age of 30. And while the energy-boosting nutrient can be obtained from foods like sardines and organ meats, many opt to supplement. (surprised?)

Wondering if you need to take Coenzyme Q10? See five ways you can know if you need to add it to your morning routine in this article:

5 Signs Your Body Needs More CoQ10



CoQ10 May Offer Help for Fatigue During Exercise

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