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What Is Zapping Your Energy?


Tired woman sleeping Many people I know are chronically tired. Sometimes there’s a medical diagnosis for it, but more often than not people just assume that they’re not getting enough sleep. It’s important to understand, however, that even if lack of sleep is an issue, many other factors can play into making you feel depleted or run down. The fact is, that as we age we tend to fatigue more easily, and it can take more than just extra sleep to overcome this. But there’s no reason to accept the idea that getting older means having less energy for the people and activities you enjoy.

Here are 3 “energy zappers” that most people don’t consider when battling fatigue:

1. Poor Nutrition: If your body lacks the basic building blocks it needs to produce cellular energy, your energy level will inevitably suffer. Additionally, digestion consumes an enormous amount of energy. When it’s less than efficient, your body must work harder to ensure proper digestion.

2. Stress: Lack of sleep, emotional hardships and physical pain all place an extraordinary amount of stress on the mind and body. When you are under stress for prolonged periods, your adrenal glands become depleted, and it can become difficult to get the restful sleep you need to recover from stress.

3. Distraction: Research shows that disorganization, clutter and negativity can all lead to a general lack of focus and low energy. Your energy may end up scattered among competing thoughts, rather than focused on the present moment.

Our article, 10 Ways to Boost Your Energy and Fight Fatigue, which is featured in our Summer Newsletter, offers some great suggestions that I hope will help you add more “life” to your years!

Josh Corn Joshua Corn – Editor-in-Chief
Josh is a health freedom advocate and veteran of the natural health industry. He has been actively involved in the natural health movement for over 15 years, and has been dedicated to the promotion of health, vitality, longevity and natural living throughout his career. Josh has successfully overcome several personal health challenges through natural means, and believes that sharing information can empower people to take control of their health so they can solve their own problems and live life to its fullest potential. Josh is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Live in the Now. Additionally he serves as CEO of Stop Aging Now, a company that has been formulating premium dietary supplements since 1995. Josh is currently working on his first book about natural health, and is gearing up to launch the Live in the Now radio show. In addition to his work in the natural health field, Josh is an avid outdoorsman, animal lover and enjoys “living in the now” with his wife and two sons.

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10 responses to “What Is Zapping Your Energy?”

  1. Brian says:

    I completely agree about poor nutrition being one of the main causes of low energy/fatigue. Whenever I eat some fatty meal like burgers and fries or a sugary dessert, I feel horrible about 30 minutes later. All of the oxygen goes to your stomach to digest the heavy food instead of going to your brain.

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  7. Detoxing the body is one of the best ways to retain or increase energy.