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You Can Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer


Breast cancer risk reduction A new study shows that you can significantly reduce your risk for breast cancer — even if you are genetically predisposed to the disease — by exercising regularly, limiting the amount of alcohol you consume and attaining a healthy body mass index (BMI).

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center in New York analyzed data from the Women’s Health Initiative study, which began in 1993 and included more than 85,000 U.S. women aged 50 to 79. They found that those with no family history of breast cancer were about a quarter less likely to develop the disease if they did these three things. The researchers were surprised to find, however, that the women who had breast cancer in their immediate family had a similar reduction in risk if they adhered to the same lifestyle guidelines.

Lead study author Dr. Robert Gramling said that he suspects that some women with a genetic predisposition to the disease may believe that there is nothing they can do to prevent it. This is why he wanted to examine the effects of lifestyle habits on breast cancer risk.

“Whether or not you have a family history, the risk of breast cancer was lower for women engaged in these three sets of behavior compared to women who were not,” he said of his findings.

The results of this study were published online last week in the journal Breast Cancer Research.

Want to use these study finding to reduce your risk for breast cancer? Here’s what you need to do:

  • Exercise! The researchers defined regular exercise as 20 minutes of moderate or vigorous activity at least five times a week. They speculated, however, that the risk-reduction benefits might be even greater if the amount or intensity of activity was increased.
  • Drink alcohol only in moderation, if at all. For women, moderate alcohol consumption is defined as consuming fewer than seven alcoholic beverages per week (and generally, no more than 1 drink per day).
  • Maintain a healthy BMI. A healthy body mass index is defined as between 18.5 and 24.9.


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4 responses to “You Can Reduce Your Risk for Breast Cancer”

  1. Jankek says:

    I am really disappointed that your supposedly “preventive, progressive” site has chosen to advocate dangerous drugs to treat something called “osteoporosis.” There is so much misinformation from doctors about this “disease” which is not really a disease, it is a fact of nature that your bones will change as you age. If they become dangerously thin or weak, it is from years of an acidic diet and lifestyle that is not compatible with healthy living. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis and my doctor put me on Actonel as well as other drugs to “build up my bone mass.” This drug was very detrimental to my health, I had side effects that were totally unnecessary. Research how many women on these dangerous bisphophonates have fractured femurs. These drugs are bone hardeners, not bone builders. Hardened bones can break more easily than young, pliable bones that continue to renew themselves if you are on a more alkaline diet and exercise properly. If you really want to help yourself – both women and men – avoid weakened bones, go to This has saved me and I hope you will take the advice and it saves your bones too. After following the advice I have rebuilt my bones, even my doctor agrees (the one who prescribed the bisphophonates) that my bone mass is increasing on this new regime. You don’t need drugs, you just need common sense and researched, good advice! The website that you have linked to in your article here is sponsored by a bisphophonate pharmaceutical company – how convenient that they tell us to use their product!

    • Mina says:

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. nnAlthough Live in the Now is owned by Stop Aging Now, we allow third party advertising (provided by Google Ads) to appear on our site. We do not specifically endorse any of the products or services advertised in these ads. However, we were unaware that ads for pharmaceutical drugs were appearing on the site, and we will be removing them promptly. nnRegarding bisphophonates drugs, we have actually written extensively in the past on the risks associated with them. See:nn

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