Articles by Camila Minski

High Blood Pressure? You May Be at Risk for Vascular Dementia

What people many don't know is that high blood pressure significantly raises your risk of developing the second most common form of dementia: vascular dementia.

Zesty Summertime Grilled Chicken Kabobs Recipe

Grilling season is in full swing, so the next time you fire up that grill, give this healthy chicken kabob recipe a try for all to enjoy.

Embracing The Golden Years: Research Says Seniors Are Feeling Happier

Aging comes with ups and downs. But when it comes to mental health, the positive may outweigh the negative, suggests a new study.

Here’s What Swapping One Soda a Day With Water Can Do for Your Health

Researchers have found that replacing sugary drinks with water can significantly drop the amount of calories coming from beverages in regard to your daily caloric intake.

The 5-Second Rule: Is it Fact or Fiction?

If you drop food on the floor, do you toss it in the trash, or do you rely on the "5-second rule"?

Social Media Can Ward Off Loneliness and Boost Health

A recent study found that senior citizens who engage in social media may suffer from fewer chronic illnesses and enjoy better self-rated health.

Changing Focus May Help Avoid Memory Slips

As we age, it’s not uncommon to forget some things before we even have time to remember them. But is this a symptom of failing brain function?

Optimism Saves Lives (But Pessimism May Shorten Lifespan)

Can a positive outlook extend your life? Turns out, having an optimistic outlook on life may just help you live longer.

Here’s What 10 Days Without Exercise Can Do to Your Brain

But what happens when you exercise on a regular basis, then stop for awhile? Find out now.

Picking Berries? Discover the 5 Hidden Health Benefits of Blueberries

Who would've guessed that such a tiny fruit packs such a hugely beneficial nutrient-dense punch? Learn what makes blueberries nutrition powerhouses and king of the fruit world.