Articles by Karen Durham

This Isn’t Your Average Dog House…

China’s Atelier About Architecture, a design firm in Beijing, designed a unique modern house based on the needs of the owner’s dog.

6 Ways to Naturally Treat Anxiety

Anxiety and chronic stress can be treated with natural remedies, therapy and lifestyle changes.

Stop Hitting Snooze — Early Birds Have Lower Risk of Depression

Your preferences for when you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning may influence a your risk for depression.

Your Dog Really Does Understand Your Emotions

Do you ever get the sense that your dog knows what you’re feeling? Well, you’re right! Dogs understand the emotions behind expressions by humans, according to researchers.

6 Ways Journaling Can Boost Your Health

Keeping a daily journal is a wonderful, creative and stress-free way to help boost your health as well as your mood.

Just a Single Meditation Session Can Greatly Reduce Anxiety

After just a 1-hour introductory meditation session, a research team found promising results in reducing stress on the arteries of people with anxiety. 

Can Poor Sleep Cause Depression?

Researchers have found that adults have a higher risk of depression and bipolar mood disorders if they suffer from a disrupted sleep-wake cycle.

This Trumps Genetics in Determining Your BMI

Don’t be quick to blame your genes if you’re gaining weight; researchers have found a factor that actually beats genetics when it comes to your amount of body fat.

Dodge Acid Reflux with These Summertime Grilling Tips

Here's how to plan a backyard BBQ for the 4th of July, or any long summer weekend, if you experience diet-related acid reflux.

Can This “Fad Diet” Help Control Diabetes?

A new patient survey of children and adults by Boston Children’s Hospital has found promising results for controlling blood sugar in people with type 1 diabetes.