Articles by Mina Shahriary

Managing Editor - Mina is a natural health enthusiast, avid yoga practitioner and health freedom advocate. She has a passion for discovering and sharing strategies for achieving optimal health and longevity, and has spent the last eight years working in the natural health industry. In addition to researching health and nutrition, writing about the latest happenings in the natural health world and practicing yoga, she enjoys spending time in nature, meditating and making superfood smoothies.

Video: Girl’s Science Project Reveals a Shocking Difference Between Organic and Conventional Sweet Potatoes

This adorable young girl set out to conduct a science experiment to find out how long it would take a sweet potato partially submerged in water to sprout green vines. The results were disappointing, until they changed just one thing...

5 Ways to Make Thanksgiving the Healthiest Day of the Year

Thanksgiving is almost here! What could be better than setting aside a whole day to gather with friends and family to practice gratitude, enjoy good food and celebrate the abundance in our lives.

11 Ways to Boost Your Energy Without Coffee

I love coffee, especially when it's really good — single origin, sustainably grown, fresh roasted, hand poured and happily consumed, resulting in instant increases in alertness and creativity! But lately, my relationship with coffee has become something like "the caffeine curve" depicted at right.

Coconut Oil Can Help Fight Alzheimer’s (but the Drug Companies Don’t Want You to Know This)

Dr. Mary Newport made an amazing discovery when she decided to do her own research on Alzheimer's in an effort to help her husband who had been diagnosed with the early-onset form of the disease.

Before You Get the Flu Shot, Read This

Flu shots! Flu shots! Get your flu shots here! Lately I’ve been seeing signs all over the place encouraging me to take advantage of a free or discounted seasonal flu vaccination. Thanks, but no thanks!

Want to Avoid BPA in Canned Foods? Stick with These Brands

If you weren't already worried about the presence of the endocrine-disrupting chemical, bisphenol A, or BPA in canned foods, a new study showing that consuming canned soup produces immediate increases in levels of BPA in the body should give you cause for concern.

How to Deal with Any Problem

Got a problem? This diagram provides very simple instructions for dealing with any problem that you may encounter in life.

Why You Should Soak Your Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds


The prevailing nutritional wisdom nowadays is that whole grains and foods made from whole grains are better for you than anything made with refined white flour. But really, this is only a half-truth.

Should You Go Vegan? 10 Quotes on the Pros and Cons of Veganism


If you read enough about nutrition, you’ll undoubtedly encounter many different — and often conflicting — philosophies about what the “best” diet is. One point of contention that is particularly divisive among health enthusiasts is whether or not humans should consume animal products.

10 Ways to Heal Your Root Chakra to Create Health, Security and Financial Abundance


Muladhara, the root chakra located at the base of the spine or perineum, contains the primal energetic frequencies associated with survival, security and your connection to the earth and your family. Physically, it's associated with the large intestine, colon, lower back, prostate, genitals and lower extremities.