Articles by Rebecca Simonds

5 Stretches Everyone Should Do Every Morning

Looking to improve flexibility, mobility and mood all while saying good-bye to daily aches and pains? Here are 5 stretches to do every morning.

8 Easy At-Home Workouts to Improve Your Joints

Here are a few easy, at-home exercises to incorporate into your regimen that can help you maintain proper motion and flexibility of your joints.

How to Diagnose and Treat Shoulder Impingement

Shoulder pain is not only prevalent, it is also persistent and recurrent in nature. Here's how to treat it.

How Reliable are MRIs for Diagnosing Pain?

Although there may be an abnormality in an MRI, this is not always indicative of the root cause of your pain. Multiple studies have been performed in which asymptomatic individuals receive MRIs.

Cervicalgia: A Pain in the Neck That May Be Responsible for Your Headaches

Neck pain can manifest in many different ways. From neck stiffness, to headaches, to numbness and tingling in your arm and/or hand, neck pain can dramatically impact quality of life. But there's hope (and a stretching routine!) for anyone who suffers with this type of chronic neck pain.

The Healthiest Way to Sit at a Desk All Day

We certainly weren’t created to sit at a desk all day.

3 Weird Pain Relief Tricks That Actually Work

Whether you are a weekend warrior, collegiate athlete, or even a self-proclaimed couch potato, muscle aches (also known in inner circles as musculoskeletal pain) will most likely affect you at some point in your life.

Quiz: Can You Eliminate Everyday Body Pain?

Is it true that vitamins, minerals and other nutrients can ease joint pain? Or that poor posture can cause body-wide pain versus just back pain?

Lower Back Pain? Here’s How to Reduce Pain Without Drugs or Surgical Interventions

If you’re one of the over 31 million Americans that suffers day in and day out from back pain, then what you’re about to learn in this article could save you years of misery and thousands of dollars.