Prebiotics: A New Ally for Better Sleep and Less Stress?

If you tend to toss and turn at night due to stress, prepare to add prebiotic foods to your arsenal of insomnia-fighting tools.

Popular Mouthwash May Be Fueling Antibiotic Resistance

An ingredient found in a popular antiseptic mouthwash can help relieve gingivitis by eradicating plaque-forming bacteria in the mouth. However, this benefit comes with a downside – it’s fueling the antibiotic resistance of a deadly microbe.

Probiotics: The Diabetes Solution We’ve Been Overlooking?

Recent research shows there is a connection between a healthy intestinal tract and reducing the risk of contracting diabetes.

Probiotics for Women

It’s well known that probiotics can help support digestive health. But did you know that there are specific reasons women should consider supplementing with a probiotic supplement daily? Here are 5 ways probiotics can benefit a woman’s health. Relieve Constipation. One in four adults in North America experience constipation, with women and seniors most...

Study Uncovers Disturbing News About Your Deodorant

Your deodorant changes the makeup of your underarm microbial community, thereby eliminating the "good" bacteria and making room for other bacterial strains.

Popular Heartburn Drugs Linked to Chronic Kidney Disease

A popular class of drugs that treat acid reflux and heartburn, which includes Prevacid, Prilosec and Nexium, has long been considered effective with few side effects. Recent research finds this presumed safety is a fallacy. What’s more, studies show that a large percentage of the people who take the medications don’t actually need them.

Why the Feds Are Out To Take Kombucha Off Shelves

The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, a division of the US Treasury Department, recently sent letters to several producers of kombucha, warning them that since their beverages supposedly exceeded the allowable alcohol limit, they must be labeled as alcoholic beverages and be subject to alcohol regulation or face hefty fines and legal...

What Switching Your Diet for 2 Weeks Can Do For Your Colon Health

The results of a diet swap prove that making the proper food choices can produce a significant boost in colon health.

Surprise! These Foods Can Help Curb Social Anxiety

Those who suffer from shyness can get some relief from their social anxiety through eating foods that have undergone a specific prep process.

In the Kitchen: Disinfectant Wipes Cut Risk of Food Poisoning

When it comes to the health of our families, the kitchen can be a breeding ground for bacteria. This is especially true when it comes to storing, washing, cutting and preparing chicken. That’s because chickens are frequently infected with Campylobacter. Campylobacter is a nasty bug that can result in diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps and...