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Berberine Benefits: Is It Really a Key Supplement for Those with Diabetes?

Berberine may help alleviate high cholesterol, heart failure and other medical conditions. But where it really shines is in the ability to help balance blood sugar in a healthy, natural way. Here's the scoop on this healthful botanical.

Revealed: The Truth About How to Prevent and Reverse Diabetes

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes or are pre-diabetic, there is a very good chance your doctor will write you a prescription to “fix” the problem. Be sure to read this first.

Berberine May Also Help Protect Your Brain Health

A wealth of clinical research has concluded berberine can do wonders for blood sugar balance, but new research has confirmed it may also save the brain from the damaging impact of "type 3 diabetes."

Drink This to Lose Weight and Fight Cancer?

Consuming apple cider vinegar (ACV) has multiple health benefits. Here are five health benefits that are backed by scientific research.

How Sugar Makes You AGE Faster (and How You Can Reverse the Damage)

Imagine 26 five-pound bags of sugar lined up on a counter. Now imagine eating ALL of that sugar. Well, you might be shocked to learn that’s about how much added sugar the average Americans consume per year — 130 pounds — more than half a cup per day. That’s A LOT of sugar wreaking...

The Common Spice That Can Dissolve Deadly Brain Plaques and Prevent Memory Loss

The latest science is showing that you can significantly reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s with some simple strategies that most anyone can implement. And by taking action now, you truly can stack the odds in your favor for keeping your brain healthy, so you can enjoy the years ahead without becoming a burden...

6 Hidden Health Benefits of Tart Cherry Juice

Research continues to reveal the many health benefits of tart cherry juice.

6 Ways to Add More Cinnamon to Your Diet

Adding cinnamon to your favorite savory dishes, coffees and smoothies ensure you can increase your cinnamon intake without spiking your sugar intake.

Short Bursts of Exercise Can Reverse Heart Problems in Just 12 Weeks

Studies show that short bouts of exercise can be effective in improving heart structure, function and in controlling diabetes.

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