Your Brown Bananas Could Help Keep Cancer at Bay

A Japanese scientist found the more speckled the banana, the more cancer-fighting chemicals they contain.

7 Metabolism Boosters, No RX Needed

Research shows you can trick your body into burning calories more efficiently. Here, Dr. Calapai shares 7 ways to boost your metabolism without a prescription.

The Real Reason People Get Skinny When They Start Drinking More Green Tea

A study has discovered how green tea may help fight obesity – it reduces the amount of starch absorbed from food. While the body of research on the beverage’s weight loss effect is mixed, a certain method of using it is almost guarantees to take off the pounds.

Astaxanthin: New Research Finds It’s Even More Impressive Than We Thought

Astaxanthin, a potent antioxidant with a broad scope of health benefits can help you slow or delay aging.

Green Tea Lowered Stroke Risk by Nearly 30%

Reduce your risk of having a deadly stroke -- researchers found that drinking green tea each day lowered the risk for hemorrhagic stroke by 32 percent.

Antioxidants in Green Tea May Shield You from Dementia

Green tea consumption may prevent protein tangles that promote Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Drinking Black Tea Lowers the Risk of Developing Diabetes

Black tea may be an ally in your efforts to prevent diabetes.

Green Tea and Quercetin Work Synergistically to Fight Cancer

Combining quercetin with fresh brewed catechins from green tea increased the cellular adsorption of EGCG, providing a one-two punch to cancer cells.