8 Ways to Read Your Cat’s True Mood

Cats are complex, independent (and a little bit sassy) animals. So sometimes it can be difficult to tell how your little one is feeling. But just like us, oftentimes cats give away exactly how they feel through their body language and speech.

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Cat Videos Boost Energy and Positive Emotions

Do you ever find yourself watching cat videos, even though you have more pressing business to tend to? You’re not alone. Internet data show there were more than 2 million cat videos posted on YouTube in 2014, with almost 26 billion views. Cat videos had more views per video than any other category of...

Parasite in Cat Feces Offers Hope for Cancer

If you’re a cat-owner, you know cleaning the cat box is a nuisance. But new research finds a parasite common in cat feces might just offer a cure for cancer. This is an unusual bit of research. That’s because the parasite, called T. gondii, causes a disease known as toxoplasmosis. It infects about 60...

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Choosing a pet food can be overwhelming. Here are 10 Veterinarian tips for choosing the right diet and feeding it correctly to your pet.